Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015 -- Week #8, Day #56 San Pedro Sula - Hymns

April 13, 2015

Also, I wanted to share some other stuff I translated this past week--

"Lead, Kindly Light"  click:  Hymn #97 "Lead, Kindly Light"
Divine Light, with unrealized splendor, enlighten me.
The night and path are dark, please be my guide.
I am so far from the Lord's pavilion,
And I'm trying to go to that heavenly home.

There have been moments where I didn't ask for Your help,
I was confident in my own experience, I didn't have faith.
But now, as I leave that terrible blindness,
Please, God, give me clarity of sight.

With You guiding me, the night seems to shine,
And I will cross the valleys, mountains, cliffs, and rivers with sure steps.
And when the morning comes, I will see
That my Guide has returned me safely home.

"Lord, I Would Follow Thee"  click:  Hymn #220 "Lord, I Would Follow Thee"  
I want to love you, Savior, and walk your path,
To receive from You the strength to life another.
I want to love you, Savior. Lord, I will follow You.

I will judge no one, I understand that is wrong.
In the heart is hidden distress that I can not see.
I will judge no one, Lord, I will follow You.

I want to give to my brother, with sincerity and goodness, 
The comfort he's been yearning for, and take away his loneliness.
I want to give this to my brother, Lord, I will follow You.

I want to love everyone, because I have Your love.
My desire is to serve, I ask that You give me strength.

I want to love so many people, Lord, I will follow You.

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