Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 -- Week #10 - Day #65 - San Pedro Sula

April 22, 2015  8:55 pm

Today was hot. And quite humid. But, there was some cloud cover, so that was a welcome respite from the intense sun blaring down on us, so that was a mercy.
Today I learned how to administer a rabies vaccination, so that was interesting, one of the missionaries had a run in with a dog, so they had to come in to the office for Hna Robles to give them the shot, so we all learned how that worked. It was funny, their companion is full-blooded Latino, and they totally thought I was Latino as well, though I have 3 weeks here and I'm clearly blue-eyed and still pretty white-skinned.  People's perceptions are amazing, I always think it's funny to see how I'll be perceived each day.  People are fun, and they always surprise you.
As we were in the office for a portion of the day, I got through another blessed pile of paperwork, and also met President Klein, in charge of the San Pedro Sula Este Mission, as their offices are just across the hall from ours.  He's pretty awesome (I like Pres. Dester a tad better, of course) and very animated and focused. Wished me a warm welcome into the land of Honduras, and had a nice handshake, good guy. So that was pretty neat as well.
We had a lot of people that got seriously sick today, so it looks like we'll have some hospitaling tomorrow, we also have weekly planning, interviews with Pres. Dester, and Mission Coordination tomorrow, so it looks like a ton of fun!  Yay for meetings!  It takes a lot of people and a lot of time to run the world... makes you appreciate people in leadership positions.
However, on a more spiritual note, I also find it interesting how in Spanish, we refer to death with the verb "estar", which denotes a temporary state of being, something that will change, not a permanent characteristic. The concept of not being dead forever is fundamentally integrated into the language of these people, and I just thought that was pretty cool, in light of the "Plan of Salvation" click:  Physical Death that we shared quite a few times today, so that was my grand enlightenment of the day.
Also Nephi had some serious patience and faith, he is a prime example to follow, I highly recommend studying 1 and 2 Nephi again sometime.  click:  Book of Mormon Study Guide - 1 Nephi and click:  Book of Mormon Study Guide - 2 Nephi

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