Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 -- Week #9, Day #57 San Pedro Sula

April 14, 2015  10:20 pm

I think this is the tired-est I've been this whole time, I'm kinda falling asleep as I'm writing... really long day.

So, my legs kinda hurt from hiking around yesterday, and I got a slight headache today, so that was fun, but some water and a granola bar helped with that.
Today we spent about 5 hours in the Hospital Bendana, there was an elder that had an infected wound and needed surgery to clean it out, so we were there for that, basically had to cancel all our appointments, but we did get to visit with one family for a little while after we got back to our area, so that was good. The mother has Chikungunya, so we went and visited them to see if we could do any help around the house and shared a short message.  And I will tell you that hospitaling is just as tiring as walking around all day, don't quite see how that's possible.
The poor elder that was unwell today was from Hawaii and his companion from New Zealand, and they still don't have a super firm grasp on Spanish, so I helped explain some things to them on how to care for his wound and about future checkups and stuff, everyone seems to be amazed that this is my first transfer, and that I can understand the medical Spanish, thanks anatomy class!  So that's always funny, makes me smile to be able to still be able to surprise people.

And, news from life in Honduras, I've gotten to be a pro at making stove-top mac and cheese:  microwave edition.  Our little stove thing died, so I'm wielding the power of microwave radiation to make dinner... quite the adventure, let me tell 'ya.  And also, we have a lovely family of rats that live in our ceiling, so it's fun to hear their activities and scampering about in the night-time, every part of life here has something unique about it.

Scripture of the day:  3 Nephi 23:10-14, click:  3 Nephi 23:10-14 from our District Meeting... our zone was needing to fill out our records and stuff better, so that was kinda funny to compare Nephi not writing down the words of the Lord to our Area Books, but both are pretty important in the Work of God... good stuff.

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