Monday, April 13, 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015 -- Week #7, Day #47 San Pedro Sula

April 4, 2015  9:50 pm

Ah, I love taking my showers at night, get all the sunscreen and sweat and bug spray and dirt and all the other fun stuff I've accumulated during the day off of my body. The showers are still cold, since no one has hot water here, and the cold water is actually kinda nice for a little bit. Also I still shower in the semi-darkness because we are missing a curtain, as well as lights in our bathroom, so it's always an adventure here, no matter if you're walking the streets or getting yourself clean! Vive Honduras!
But a more wonderful note, we watched General Conference today click:  General Conference - April 2015, Hna Robles was awesome and found us a place to watch it in English for me, so I got to understand something someone was saying, for once, so that was nice. We'll see what will happen tomorrow.

I also got my first taste of caracol, or sea snail, in the soup a member family made for our lunch, so that was interesting. It's a light, creamy yellow, and soft and slightly rubbery, and doesn't taste like much.  I was alright eating it in the smaller, bite-sized pieces, but there was a big, golf-ball sized chunk that I just couldn't eat. So that was fun, but the soup was really good, kinda sweet, actually, and I'm very grateful we were given food for lunch.
Also, we have a hammock on our patio that I used this morning while Hna Robles was doing nursing calls, oh, I've missed hammocks!  It's nice to sit and rock gently as you read... good stuff!  I'm pretty sure I want to acquire one sometime during my lifetime, they're wonderful.
Got my few minutes in the
hammock this morning!
Also, funny story, we went and visited the Familia Enamorada last night, and I just thought the contrast between "Captain America:  Winter Soldier" playing muted on the TV, and the sound of the Primary Songs CD playing in the house was quite amusing. Bucky and Cap were fighting in the street to "Raindrops Falling All Around" and "Popcorn Popping" made for an interesting mix. But both got turned down / off for us to talk with the family.
Fun fact:  I'd venture to say that the vast majority of words in Spanish end with a vowel, and so when I teach Hna Robles words in English, she's always tacking on letters to the end of them, it's fun to hear her sound the words out and learn what they mean. I guess cuz I don't feel like such a baby!  But I really do enjoy talking with her, she is simply wonderful to be with and accompany.
My listening skills were somewhat better today, I could understand some more of what people were saying today, although there are a lot of times when I honestly have no idea what people are saying.  It's quite disconcerting to know that people are talking, but it's just sounds, and doesn't make any sense in the Spanish or English that I know. Yay for Honduran Spanish!
But I've been informed that I have a wonderfully neutral accent to my spoken Spanish, so that's good. Perhaps when I can figure out what is going on, I can speak more like a native person, but for now I have to go off cues from Hna Robles or what I piece together from 5 people all talking at once in the lessons. Kinda a baptism by fire, but it's the fastest way to learn. I'm doing a better job than some of the missionaries who've been here for months are doing, so that's comforting, I suppose.
But anyway, life here is good, I'm getting more used to lessons and am talking some more, it's still quite hot here, and I enjoy my cold, dark showers in the evening after we plan for the next day. Haven't gotten sick yet, which I'm so grateful for, and had a PB&J for dinner, so I also enjoyed that. Got my fan, and my sheets, and my glorious bed to enjoy for 8 hours, so I think it's safe to call myself blessed.

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