Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015 -- Week #10 - Day #69 - San Pedro Sula

April 26, 2015  9:30 pm

Today was a good day, legs are really tired from walking around so much yesterday, but it's all good, figure I'll finish this mission business with some stronger leg muscles!
Church was good, we go to the Gospel Principles class second hour with the other elders and investigators, today we learned about the offices of the Priesthood, so that was a nice little review.  Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly in all the meetings. Also had Ward Council later, that's always fun, I really don't understand what's being said, but I get the gist of things... overall we need to work on reactivating our ward members (the people here have some issues with commitment with a lot of things... excited initially for things, and there's a lot of fallout in time... kinda frustrating), and we've made a companionship goal to visit every member and figure out where they live, so we (can ask for references!) can help them out and get to know them better, to help with retention. So that's gonna be fun.
I think today might have been a bit cooler than yesterday, can't quite tell, since as soon as you get dressed in the morning you start to sweat, and it doesn't stop until you've taken a shower at the end of the day and don't do anything more strenuous than walk across the room to where the fan is... love it!  But we had some cloud cover today, so that was nice.
I'm also further developing a delightful tan-line on my feet and have a slight one from my watch... I'm gonna have so many weird lines when I get home!  Kinda exciting, actually, to see how I'll turn out, it'll be quite interesting, I'm sure.
Tanline on footsies!

Got some watch band action too!
I think the rats finally died in our ceiling, we put some traps up there and haven't heard anything the past few days (our house smelled really bad for a day or two) so I think they're gone, so that's good, too.
And I think I've lost a little bit more fat on my tummy and hips, so that's nice, as well, gotta keep my figure!  Haha! That's really not on my mind, but I suppose walking around for some several hours a day has to do something for ya.  I'm just amazed our little bodies can keep on working (we'll see how I'm doing in another few months) in spite of quite a few physical stressors... we're pretty darn amazing, I think.
Since we have so many new sister missionaries here that need trainers and all the old ones are leaving this coming change, Hna Robles thinks I'll be training pretty soon, but hopefully I can have 2 changes before then!  We're on a training program of 12 weeks, but sometimes you only get the 6 and you're off being the big person.  But, I'll do whatever needs to be done, or at least try to do it, I'm getting a lot better in my Spanish, and feel more comfortable teaching and talking to people etc, so we're just trying to keep making progress.  It's interesting, because some people I can actually understand, and then others there's just really no hope... but Pres. Dester has counseled me to give it a month or two for my ears to get accustomed to all the Spanish, and then I'll take off and it will be great.  So that's what we're aiming for.  But there has been progress made, and I'm proud of myself.
And tomorrow's Pday!  I think we might go play soccer or something of the sort, we'll see.  Goodnight!

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