Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015 -- Week #9, Day #60 San Pedro Sula

April 17, 2015  9:50 pm

All our teaching appointments fell through, and so did our backup plans, so we did a lot of walking around and street contacting. All. Day. Long. Met some really interesting people... apparently I look like First Lady Laura Bush? And I should use an umbrella so I don't turn bright red from the sun, because I'm so white and from Houston.  And Utah. And I don't speak much Spanish because of my whiteness. And one guy was in a gang, but is Evangelical now, and wanted to know what our beliefs were on the afterlife to verify that we were teaching correct things. And someone else was poking the ground with a stick and mumbling. And a lady will only let us teach her if we stay outside. And a young child was crying because he wanted to go to the store in the car, not walking. Also, we passed a house that used Christmas lights as a clothesline, I think the bulbs were removed? Very interesting day, indeed. Plus a lot of walking outside, under a very intense sun... Vive missionary work in San Pedro Sula!
So yeah, it was a bit rough today, got some chastisement from the scriptures, look up D&C 60:2... click:  Doctrine & Covenants 60:2 gotta talk to everyone, huh. Also, need to work with the members more, we all got a part in this (Preach My Gospel Ch 9:  The Importance of Members section, or something like that in English)... click:  PMG Chapter 9  plus all the lovely people we met made for a fantastic day.

We did manage to meet with 2 of our investigators, and they're not too thrilled with baptism anymore, so that's sad.  And this one older guy kept poking my arm and asking me questions during one of the lessons, and I seriously cannot understand a word he says, ever, so that's a little frustrating... when I come home and someone needs to talk to me, please don't poke me repeatedly. Ah, today was a weird day.

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