Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015 -- Week #8, Day #55 San Pedro Sula

April 12, 2015  9:10 pm

Today was a hard day.  We started fasting after lunch yesterday, which is hard on your body here in Honduras, so I woke up today and felt kinda sluggish, we had the hardest time getting our investigators to church, we were going to go on splits with some sisters to get 3 people, but they fell through, and then our investigators fell through, so we walked around in circles and finally had to ask a member of the ward to go get Halsey while we waited for Patty to get back from feeding her sick mother to take her to the church, so we finally got those 2 to church, and that was good, but it was so hot today and my backpack felt way heavier than normal, and when we finally got home to break our fast, I felt sick, so I drank a lot of water and had some cereal and rested a bit, and then we went to appointments and had ward council, and more appointments, and finally made it back home and planned for Pday and lessons tomorrow.
Sunday morning in Honduras

And also, during one of our lessons, my Spanish left me, so I stumbled around and didn't say much during the teaching part, and ended up adding my testimony at the end in English... so frustrating.
Almendra (almond) and green mango

Almendra tree!
And also I have salt deposits all over my arms and legs from not having water for 24 hours. But I didn't have a headache, just an upset stomach, so that's a blessing. But yeah, today was kinda hard.  And Hna Robles was poking around on my back and found some knots, so those are fun, too... she was like, "Hna Mower, your back feels like a wood table!"  I love her.
So that was a wonderful pity party, sorry about that. These "Days of Rest" things don't quite seem to exist in a mission, it's kinda just work, work, and more work, but at least I know what to expect in the future, so we should be good to go. Gotta just keep on keeping on!

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