Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015 -- Week #9, Day #59 San Pedro Sula

April 16, 2015  10:14 pm

So, today we had 5 hospital appointments and 1 teaching... a lot of people got sick recently and needed medical attention.

Also, everyone here is only familiar with Houston, TX, not quite sure why, but whenever they determine that I am not in fact from Utah, but from Texas, they immediately ramble on about Houston. Wonderful people, really, and it seems also that not many of them know where Peru is (that's where Hna Robles is from)... so we're 2 foreigners, just chilling in Honduras and trying to teach the Gospel... good times. 
Also, the currency here is almost exclusively bills, there are coins in existence, but they're valued at almost nothing, the exchange rate is 20 lempiras to 1 dollar, and I'm pretty sure a lot of unprocessed-name brand things here are cheaper than in the states, but more useful things like hand sanitizer, sunscreen, aloe vera and stuff like that are pretty pricey. So I would bring a lot of those if I could to a mission.

And, people breastfeed in public.  In the hospital today a little girl ran over to her mom and pulled her shirt down (actually, it was a cami, not many people wear actual shirts), switched sides, and ran off again... so that was interesting. Also, it's not really normal to walk on the sidewalks, the street is preferred, and jaywalking is necessary.  And pedestrians do not have the right of way, the big metal car driving at high speeds all over the road does. So watch your step at all times.  So yeah, that was an exhausting day, gonna go to bed!

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