Thursday, April 30, 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015 -- Week #10 - Day #68 - San Pedro Sula

April 25, 2015  9:30 pm

Made another day! Whoohoo! The Sisters took off this morning and things went back to a degree of more normal-ness.
Halsey got Chikunguyna last night! So he didn't get baptized today, kinda disappointing, but hopefully by next Saturday he'll have recovered from the worst of it and should still be good to go. Darn opposition. Makes trying to do the right things a little bit harder, but it is a natural law, however annoying it can be sometimes.
So yeah, we did a ton of street contacting today, and walking around all over the place, so my legs and feet are pretty tired, and I have the hiccups right now (1st time in Honduras!) so that's kinda fun.  Hiccups tickle my tummy!
I would like to take a moment to inform the public that I think one of my absolute favorite things from Honduras are "topo gigios", dang they are amazing.  It's just some milk and sugar and shredded coconut or chocolate powder or pineapple or something, mixed together and poured in little portions in a bag and tied off and then frozen, but man, they are just the best things in the world when you're walking around here. When they're frozen, you bite off the corner of the bag and suck out the frozen milk stuff... so yummy! Usually the portions are about 1-2 cups or so, and cost about 5-6 lps. Good stuff right there.
Partly eaten topo gigio, vanilla flavor

Also, they call slugbugs here "cucarachitas" or little cockroaches, thankfully Hna Robles doesn't punch my arm when we pass one (I've seen 2 since I've been here), and they've both been white, and the older version, not the all-roundy ones we usually see in the States.

The taxis here are white as well, and have their numbers on the side of the car, little different than the states. We get to know all the drivers pretty well, as we use them so much for hospitaling, they're all really good people, I have yet to see a female driver, mostly just the guys seem to drive here.
Walking around today, I heard "Knocking on Heaven's Door" playing from somewhere, so that was nice to finally recognize and understand something (I know it's not a Church song, tried to not pay too much attention to it) since my time here. They also play quite a few songs in English, usually they aren't the best ones to listen to, though, while on a mission or in normal life, so that's interesting. Usually in restaurants they'll alternate and play a Latino song, and then English (pretty much just American artists) and then Latino, back and forth.

And, random fact, the District 1 videos were made in San Antonio, Texas!  I saw Pres. Beckstead (he was just Brother Beckstead at the time) and the San Antonio Temple, so that was pretty neat (don't know if I've mentioned this before, I just remembered because we watched some more of the training material this morning).  click:  The District - videos Fun to see brick houses and grass and bushes and chapels like I have been used to again. Americans are kinda obsessed with cleanliness, I've learned so far.  Kinda miss being clean all the time!  click:  "Washed Clean" by Pres. Packer
Also, I heard from Hno Lopez today (we're trying to coordinate a musical number for Halsey's baptism with his guitar-playing skills) that India had a level 7 earthquake?  Haven't heard much about world events lately, so that was interesting news. I hope the people there are ok.  Hna Robles was in an earthquake in Peru in 2011, and her bus was shaking and there was awful traffic, but obviously she's ok, and they've recovered. But yeah, earthquakes are rough business.
And some good scriptures, used them a lot in teaching today:
(faith) Alma 32: 21-22, 26-28, 38, 41  click:  Alma 32
(keeping the Sabbath Day holy) Mark 2:27  click:  Mark 2:27
(God is preparing people to learn about the Gospel) Alma 13:24, Alma 14:16-17  click:  Alma 13:24
(God will always help us) 1 Nephi 14:12,14  click:  1 Nephi 14:12
So yeah, we get to go to Church tomorrow! Yay!

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