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Thursday, April 2, 2015 -- Week #7, Day #45 San Pedro Sula

April 2, 2015  7:35 am

So it turns out I didn't have a minute last night, I was unpacking and planning today etc... and was exhausted, so I went promptly to bed.

Girls Camp -- June 2010
My overall feeling so far is how it is during Girl's Camp in a Texas August... it's quite warm and humid, and I'm constantly sweating and feeling dirty, but that's OK. I took my first shower this morning after exercises and feel better about myself, though once again, I am sweating and feel sticky and dirty. So yeah, it's just kinda a constant wet heat, I sleep on top of my sheet on my bed with a fan, though throughout the night it drops a few degrees, so I end up turning the fan off and rolling under my sheet for a few hours.
Here's our house -- San Pedro Sula

I'm pretty happy with it!

Pretty sweet living conditions
compared to most places!

Our house has no AC, and 2 lights, one in the bedroom, and one in the main room, I'd say we have a square footage of about 640 feet.  Roughly 16' x 40' I think, those two rooms and a bathroom with no shower curtain and some lovely dark blue plastic sink and toilet, but I love it here, we have it very good compared to most people we are visiting with here.
So my companion is Hna Robles, and she is fantastic, it's her first time training, so she's a bit nervous, but she's starting from ground zero with me, so she can't mess up too bad. She is also the nurse, so I'm kinda in training for that capacity as well and go along with her to the hospitals and figure out the medications and medical terms (in Spanish) and do all the insurance paperwork, and I'm the middleman between Hna Robles and Hna Dester, because of the language barrier.  So that's pretty neat to do. We also are proselyting missionaries, in addition to the medical stuff. Pres Dester said that my biology and science background would help in this capacity, so I'm glad I have that at least.
My first companion and "trainer"
Hna Robles!  and President Dester
But yeah, yesterday was kinda crazy, we left the Dester's apartment and went to Baleadas Express for breakfast, then went back to the Benque (the chapel thing I've been talking about) and got my stuff and met back up with Hna Robles (we met on Tuesday for a little while to give me a heads up about my new jobs stuff) and went over to the hospital for a little bit, then went shopping for food for the week, and then finally went home. And then went out and worked our area, and came home around 8:30 pm, because it's not safe after that time.  And we finally had dinner at like 9:30 pm, and we hadn't eaten since lunch around 12:00 pm, so that was nice.  A sister from the ward brought us something similar to a chicken bake and we had that and some milk for dinner. Oh, that was so delicious.
So now I'm eating some cereal, and gonna start personal study here.

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