Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 -- Week #9, Day #58 San Pedro Sula

April 15, 2015  9:35 pm

No hospitaling today!  We did run by the office to check on some things, and I gave my mountain of paperwork to E Markus to give to President Dester to sign off on all the forms, poor guy.  It's so sad, we've had 3 elderes return home for health reasons since I've been here, pucha [dang!].  It's a different perspective on missionary life from the medical side of everything, it's incredible how this whole system works so well. But the hand of the Lord is in all things, so in the end it will work out, should we choose to let it.
So we had some appointments today, so that was good, we finally visited one lady after a long time since her son is part of one of the numerous gangs here and the last visit did not go over well, but he's not in the city right now, so we felt it was alright to visit with her again. Very sweet lady, I couldn't understand a word she said, but I could tell she was struggling in her life and that she appreciated our visit and short message about the strength of the Lord and the role of the Holy Ghost, I like her. There are some very good people here, and they simply don't have access to the opportunities that should be afforded to them. Very sad.

But on more happy news from Honduras, I have discovered a great discovery:  "oatmeal" here is usually called "avena" or "mosh" or "avena mosh", and therefore... the skincare brand Aveeno is oatmeal based.  Boom!  Just realized that today as we were walking under the blessed sun for hours.  I'm getting really good at this word-connection game!
So yeah, today was pretty good, it's still kinda trippy to realize that I'm talking to people, in Spanish, in the country of Honduras in Central America, about the Gospel of Jesus Christ... still kinda mind-boggling.  In a good way, of course, but I honestly would not have imagined myself here if I had thought about it, even 6 months ago. Weird. Apparently I'm supposed to be here, though, so I'll make the most of it that I can, fulfill my purpose, whatever it may end up being.  And learn some Spanish would be good, kinda gotta be able to talk a little bit to fulfill this purpose of mine, although I think I'm doing pretty well, just kinda keeping up right now.  I kinda feel like a sponge, just absorbing and analyzing and remembering what Hna Robles is saying and doing, so I have an idea of what should happen and what I can say, even though I can't do it all right now. But I have the knowledge stored away so that I can utilize it when I have the capacity to. I feel like a baby bird watching my parent fly off and land back at the nest, and I look over the edge and see how far the drop is and I get a little scared and overwhelmed for a minute, but I know that I will be flying just like my momma in a little bit, and it'll be OK, just gotta get a few flight feathers grown in first.
Also, the grapes here are huge and have 3-4 seeds, usually. Thought that was really important to share. Goodnight!

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