Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015 -- Week #9, Day #62 San Pedro Sula

April 19, 2015  10:24 pm

My gummy dinosaurs melted from the heat... sad day!
Made it through another week! Yay! Today was good, super hot, I'm pretty certain it hit somewhere around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (I honestly can't remember how to spell properly anymore, hopefully that's right) today, so that was fun. But yeah, we took Halsey and 2 kiddos to church today (their mother had to work and the older boy wanted to go to church), so that was an adventure, felt like Primary all over again with a 2 year old and a 9 year old to keep occupied during Sacrament Meeting, but we did it!  Go team missionary!

In news from Honduras, the concept of Tupperware does not exist, and the fridge isn't really the prime storage place for food.  But we're doing well food-wise, we've started cooking for ourselves this week due to some changes in mission rules and elders in need of feeding in our area, so Hna Robles and I have been making some fantastic lunches, I'm quite proud of our culinary expertise! (I also can't remember how to spell that)
Our lunch!  Typical Honduran food, super delicious!
Also, there are like, a bajillion pigeons that have residence in SPS [San Pedro Sula], it's like pigeon-land.  It's funny, in Spanish they're called (palomas) and here popcorn is called "palomitas de maiz" or just "palomitas" which means little pigeons of corn... not quite sure how that happened... maybe because the kernels fly when they pop? Have to do some more cultural research on that one.

I was thinking earlier today, that there are different kinds of "enduring to the end" ...enduring to the end of a school year, the end of a meeting, the end of a life, the end of a trial, the end of childbirth, the end of a companionship, the end of a day... I think enduring is quite an actively involved process, actually, not simply just waiting something out.
To endure is to live and grow and help others and learn, and do all that when there is pain and sadness and negative feelings and impatience for something to be over... to still comport oneself as a child of God, with honor and integrity, even when that is sometimes the last thing on your mind at the moment. To persevere and stay obedient, changing your heart and mind so that it isn't a stumbling block to follow God's will. To stay faithful in the glaring face of adversity.  That's what I define enduring to be right now, funny how a mission presents the opportunity to gain an understanding of all the things you've been taught up to this point in your life.

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