Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 -- Week #7, Day #43 ARRIVE San Pedro Sula

March 31, 2015  9:20 pm

Alright, that was a rough day of traveling, and I've been having trouble staying awake, but I am safely in the beautiful home of Pres y Hna Dester in San Pedro Sula, and I'm showered and fed and ready for bed, finally!
Hna Kleinman and I got up on time and got dressed and packed last minute things away, and got ourselves and suitcases and backpacks downstairs and outside, and got our stuff loaded on the bus and hopped on the bus, and got driven over to the airport, and got our stuff weighed and checked to our destinations, and waited, and went through security and waited, and waited and waited, and finally got on our plane from Guatemala.
Looking good at 2:00 am with Hna Kleinman

Then Guatemala to San Salvador, El Salvador, where we waited some more, and then she and Elderes Ang y High and other latinos got on their plane to Tegucigalpa, Honduras (I think they´re taking a bus over to their mission in Comayaguela) and I got on the plane for San Pedro Sula with Hnas Gutierrez, Garcia, y Escobar and Elderes Escalante y Chube, and we all parted ways.
Flying From Guatemala to Honduras

Flying From Guatemala to Honduras

So I'm the only new norte in my arrival group, which everyone thinks is a bit odd, but Hna Gutierrez and I are buddies and she's helping me with my Spanish, and I with her English, and she's so wonderful and I love her, so it all worked out quite well.
President and Sister Dester -- Honduras Airport
So we finally got to Sula, and we were greeted by Pres y Hna Dester, and the APs and other elderes in charge of different parts / things of the mission etc, and hopped on a bus to go somewhere, I think it was a chapel, but it looked like a house, I'm not quite sure... maybe it was the mission offices.
Looking around the Benque (Stake Center)

Me at the Benque (Stake Center)

Anyway, we dropped our stuff off and went through the rules and expectations and all that fun stuff and introduced ourselves and got to know one another better, and then we finally went over to the Dester's residence for a delicious dinner, and got ready for bed, which I'm almost ready for.
View at President Dester's house

More beautiful view at President Dester's house

Hna Mower, Gutierrez, Garcia, Escobar
at President Dester's house
So yeah, it's been somewhat of a crazy day, and we hit the ground running tomorrow, so that's gonna be pretty darn fun, too, and I look forward to this challenge, call it my hard-headedness, I suppose, but I refuse to get all sad and overwhelmed my first few days here. Not gonna happen. It will happen, but not right now, because I gotta get my feet under myself first before I can fall over and be a mess for a short time. So there, goal for the next few days:  let things wash over me and just take it stride, it's gonna be ok.
But yeah, Honduras, and specifically Sula, is hot and humid and so darn green, it's beautiful. I love it! I think I'll be quite happy here, so that's good. Literally every person I ever talked to said in reaction to the fact that I was going to Sula, "Ay! Hace MUCHO calor!!!" which means that "it's very hot here".  And I believe it, Guatemala was much cooler than here, but I'll be alright. Half the battle is the mentality, so we're just working on positive affirmations right now.
But I simply love the Desters, they are incredible people. I am so blessed to have had so many amazing people in my life! Thank you, all my awesome people! Pres. Dester is a remarkable man and very genuine, and has some good things to say, and I look forward to working with him during my mission. They have about a year and a few months left, so I'll have a new mission president the last month or two of my mission, but that's alright, I'll be happy to meet them, too.  And Hna Dester is just so wonderful, she reminds me so much of Hna Kleinman in her gentleness and earnestness, I like her a lot.  And she cooks very well, so I definitely appreciate that, and she's so sweet and doesn't know much Spanish, so she jokes about that too, she really does remind me of Hna Kleinman, and it's nice to have that kind of person with me still, as I don't have my fantastic "Three Musketeers" anymore [Hna Brady, Kleinman, Mower], but they're just the best people ever and I like them a lot.
President and Sister Dester
But yeah, today was kinda crazy, and I'm really quite exhausted, so I'm gonna head to sleep now, and figure out this next day and get to work, I'm sure I'll have some interesting things to say tomorrow.  Buenas noches!

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