Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 -- Week #4, Day #22 Guatemala MTC

3/10/15 10:25 pm
Alright, so here's a fun exercise of faith story...intro to the crazy life that Hna Mower has at the Guatemala MTC.

So Sunday night, I couldn't find my wallet, with my American dollars and Guatemala quetzales and my debit card, nor my Chapstick or peppermint beadlets from the front pocket of my bag. click:  Doterra Peppermint Beadlets So I was a little bit upset about that, because there's a rash of lost money and possessions here right now. There's at least 4 Hnas and an Elder that I know about that have had money missing from their things.

So I finally prayed Monday night that I could be able to have my money returned to me, and that I wasn't upset with the person, and that I knew that if I believed that something would happen, and it was a righteous desire, that God would allow it to happen, because the DVD worked that one time we prayed for it.  click:  Personal revelation: The Gift, the Test, and the Promise

Anyway, still kinda a silly thing, but I tried to stay calm about it the past few days, and prayed for a resolution to my problem everyday. I was willing to wait it out until closer to next Tuesday, but I promised myself that if I wasn't able to receive my things back, I would write on Wednesday and ask Mom to cancel my card and explain what had happened, which would have been kinda a mess.

So later tonight I sat my bag on my lap and was going through it to find my pen to write a quick reminder for tomorrow, and I discovered that my soft fabric bag had a secret compartment, and that my things had worked their way around to the back of my bag as the fabric shifted around as I picked it up and set it down all this time. 

So I now have my things back in their safe hiding spot, and will keep my bag with me all the time, as there are people who really have had their things taken from them.  But that was just an interesting experience how the Lord is having me exercise faith is such strange little things, I guess to get me to understand that if He will help me find my money and have that DVD work, really anything in possible.
I am a difficult student to work with, I suppose, but I am glad that I can begin to learn how I can use faith and wait in the time of the Lord. Kinda weird how this is all happening, but good stuff!

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