Sunday, March 29, 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015 -- Week #5, Day #35 Guatemala MTC

3/23/15 10:10 pm

So today I lost my companion.  Hna Brady is leaving for home early in the morning. Her allergies aren't able to be fixed here, so they are sending her home to have the issues resolved because they can't send her out to the field with what's happening with her. So it's been an interesting day, as we've absorbed that information and had her pack and teach for the last times. It's gonna be so weird just having Hna Kleinman and I as a companionship, we're always gonna be looking over our shoulder to see where she went.  My dear sister is gone, and I miss her.

 And I know she can hopefully come back if this issue gets resolved, and she is doing well, but a part of me has left! I think back to in the temple when all three of us sat together in the celestial room and all was right in the world. And things will be okay, and I know she can recover and get whatever this thing is figured out, and I know that. But it is just so hard to see her go, when she has done nothing wrong, and we now have the responsibility to fill that hole and regrow ourselves a little to make up for her awesomeness. Dang Hna Brady is a good person. 

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