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Sunday, March 8, 2015 -- Week #3, Day #20 Guatemala MTC

3/8/15 9:28 pm
Sundays are just the best days. There is so much spiritual feeding and you just feel exhausted trying to absorb and retain it all, but it is amazing what the Gospel teaches us. Tonight we watched the March 4, 2008 MTC Devotional from Elder Holland, and that was amazing. Elder Holland is always an amazing speaker, but this one really impressed me.

We also sang #172 in the Children's Songbook, "We'll Bring the World His Truth," and I had no idea it had more verses than what we sing for "Army of Helaman," but it is so cool! I challenge you to go read it click:  Alma 53-57 and think about how cool of a song it is.  The Gospel is true, guys!  

click:  Helaman and the 2000 young warriors, Book of Mormon stories
click:  Army of Helaman song - click on "Vocals and Music" for .mp3
Two Thousand Stripling Warriors by Arnold Friberg
Anyway, I thought I would just share some quotes and thoughts that I had today that brought me peace and strength as I am going forth in the work of the Lord:

"You cannot love God without loving His commandments"

"Selective obedience brings selective blessings"

"A solid challenge brings forth your finest abilities"

"He does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called"

"Your words are weapons spoken with power and authority, the same by which God does His works. This is the battle of the Last Dispensation, we are the armies of the Lord, and the God of Israel leads us."

"You can't decide then that you won't have regrets"

"Bring honor to all the names of those who you bear" (In reference to the Knocking on the Door painting)
Jesus at the Door (Jesus Knocking at the Door) by Del Parson

"You will be the ones knocking on the doors, and He will be the one to open them"

Law of Sacrifice:  willingly give of the things of this world when asked

Law of Consecration: decide beforehand to give to the Lord and set it apart for that purpose

When we sacrifice our will to the Father's we will receive blessings because we are obedient to the Law of Sacrifice (D&C 130:20-21).  click:  Doctrine and Covenants 130:20-21

click:  "Line upon Line" by Elder Dallen H. Oaks

Like in Praise to the Man, "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven"  click:  Hymn 27 "Praise to the Man" - click on "Vocals and Music" for .mp3

"God in His wisdom knows you, and He knows your capabilities. He will never ask you to do something you don't have the capacity to do, for as we rely on Him to give us strength in our weakness, we will realize the greatness He sees in us, and we will learn that by obedience and faith, we can do all things."

"The Spirit works because you work"

"Work Formula: Work will win when wishy-washy wishing won't!"

2 Nephi 31:19-20

Ephesians 5:1
Psalms 55:22
D&C 121:7-8
Alma 44:4

Oh, also, today, I gave my talk on faith in Sacrament Meeting in Spanish, and I think I did quite well, I got some compliments on my speaking skills. We are supposed to prepare a talk for each Sunday, and during the meeting some are called to speak, and I was one of the lucky ones today. I actually quite enjoyed it, and I am proud of what I said.

[Finally got the talk downloaded today!!  April 13, 2015  Here it is:]
Buenos dias, elderes y hermanas. Mi nombre es Hna Mower, y yo hablare sobre fe, hoy. Para mas de mi vida, no puedo a definar con claridad que fe es, en acutalidad. Ahora, yo tengo un conicimientoque fe es el poder que nosotros damos a Dios, a permitir cosas a pasar. Somos confiamos que alfo a pasar, y de la intensidad de nuestros fe, pasaria.

Fe en Jesucristo es uno del principios mas importante del Evangelio. En realidad, es el primero. Despues tenemos fe en Jesucristo, podemos a arrepentimentar y usar la Expiacion en nuestros vidas, ser bautizarse por inmersion para la remision de los pecados, y aceptar el don del Espiritu Santo por el autoridad del sacerdocio. Fe en Jesucristo es el fundamento del nuestro venerar cada dia. Todas cosas son posible para Dios a hacer de nuestro fe.

En Eter 12:12, leamos que, "Porque si no hay fe entre los hijos de los hombres, Dios no puede hacer ningun milagro entre ellos, por tanto, no se mostro sino hasta despues de su fe."

Esta escritura explica que nosotros, en la tierra, necesitamos a tenemos fe y creamos en Dios, entonces cosas a pasar y nuestros corazones se cambiar. Recibiremos un testimonio despues de la prueba de nuestro fe, segun a Eter 12:6. Nosotros necesitamos a expresar nuestros desos al Senor antes El bendicira. El es omnisciente y puede respondira a todas cosas, pero, dejar nosotros a pedir para algo nos ayuda a desarollar fe y ponerse del lado de Dios, tan actuaremos en fe, confiamos que nosotros recibira que nosotros pedimos de Dios.

Una experiencia de mi vida de cuando yo ejerce fe fue estar envias del aplicacion misionero. Yo he orado y piensado mucho sobre ser servie un mision, y Yo tuve un emocion mas bueno. Estuve un poco incierto, pero Yo tuve que mi decision fue correcto. 

Yo recibido mi llamamiento misional 3 semanas despues, y cuando yo leido, "Hna Mower, esta llamado a servir como un misionero de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias", el Espiritu Santo veno a mi y yo se sin duda que mi mision es correcto. Yo senti muy feliz y entusiasmada.

En esto ejemplo, yo hice un eleccion y fui a en la fe, confianzando en el Senor. Mis testimonio vino despues la pruebe de mi fe.

I also gave the prayer in Relief Society, and I forgot that in that one we pray in English since that's the language we use when it's just the norte's lesson portion of that meeting, and instead said it in Spanish. Whoops.

I will admit that I feel more comfortable praying in Spanish, and it's become my go-to to think more about what I'm saying, and it's such a more beautiful language of prayer. Anyway, I was out and about today with all the PR happening!

Also, I understand Spanish better when the Latinos are speaking, than from when the nortes try to talk. Perhaps because we are learning from native teachers and you can just let it flow through your mind, whereas with the nortes you have to struggle to understand what word they are trying to say and then translate it over to actual Spanish, and then find the associated meaning. Perhaps it's tricky because most of them have terrible accents. When you learn a language, you can't Americanize the sounds, especially the vowels, or else it is difficult to be actually learning a language. Anyway, I just thought it was funny that I can get more from a Latino than from some white person.

Also, it's more common for the Latinas to wear rings on their middle fingers, whereas the states tend to wear them on their ring fingers. Random fact of the day!

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