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Sunday, March 29, 2015 -- Week #6, Day #41 Guatemala MTC

March 29, 2015  10:13 pm

I have determined that it might be easier to teach in the field than in all our practices, because it is so much easier to be real with real people. When we had CRE the other day (CRE is where they invite actual non-members and investigators to come to the CCM and we teach them lessons, so that's pretty neat), we just taught this one guy, that I won't even try to spell out his name, but he was so awesome and happy, and wanted to come back to the church, and we just talked and shared some scriptures and went over the First Vision and stuff, and it was just really neat. Granted, the field isn't gonna be all daisies and rainbows, but it was nice for once to just have a happy, normal-ish lesson. So I enjoyed that this week.
Also, I've been learning about faith this week, and it occurred (I don't know how to spell English anymore... note to Mom:  you have full privileges to edit my spelling!) to me that our little "Seed of Faith" click:  Faith grows into our "Tree of Life"  click:  Tree of Life.  And the quality of the seed and the nourishment we give it determines what fruit comes of it. Kinda neat, huh?  I've always struggled with the "faith is like a little seed, if planted it will grow"  click:  Alma 32:26-33 thing, as I really haven't had to exercise much faith up to this point in my life, but I'm starting to gain somewhat of an understanding of how this whole faith thing works. So that's pretty neat to pick up on, I'll keep working at it, goodness knows I'll be using a lot of it!  click:  Faith in Jesus Christ 
Also, fun fact of the day, we practiced baptism for one of our Sunday meetings with Pres and Hna Cox, which was pretty fun. He called Hna Kleinman and I up to the front to have me demo how to position the arms and explain what happens etc, so that was interesting, and now I know the baptismal prayer in Spanish. So that's kinda neat. I obviously won't be baptizing anyone, but it's good to walk your investigators through what's gonna happen and answer any questions they have a day or two beforehand so they know what's going on and don't feel silly, so I actually liked that a lot today.
Also, we had a Fast Sunday today, and I shared my testimony in Spanish, of course, and later Pres Cox complemented me on my use of the Spanish language, and how I have some of the best sounding Spanish he's heard from nortes in a long time, so that's encouraging. I still have a LONG way to go in terms of vocabulary and grammar, but at least I sound good!
But back to the fasting, I was wishing all day that I could have some mac and cheese and KFC, and lo and behold, for dinner to break-our-fast we had pasta salad and fried chicken and mashed potatoes and green beans, and it was the yummiest thing in the world. So the Lord is mindful of us, even in something as silly as dinner. I was quite pleased during that meal, oh, it was so good!
Also, some good scriptures from today:
Alma 26:27  click:  Alma 26:27
John 6:5-13  click:  John 6:5-13
Alma 13:3, 24  click:  Alma 13:3
So yeah, today was a good last Sunday here in the Guatemala CCM.

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