Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015 -- Week #6, Day #40 Guatemala MTC

March 28, 2015  10:02 pm

Hna Loli is teaching some girls the haka dance right now, so that's fun. She's a Samoan from Australia, and Hna Kleinman knows it from her sports teams and stuff, so they're making quite the team right now, very fun to watch!  click:  Haka Dance 
Today was good, we got a lot of feedback / instruction, etc. of how to better our teaching etc, so that was good, and went over grammar and vocab that we've learned all this time. Also learned that "mochilita" is a word, and I absolutely love it, it means "little backpack", so cute! Spanish is awesome.
I also got the good counsel today that "You are not here in the CCM to learn Spanish. You are here to learn how to preach in Spanish", and that was kinda encouraging, as we get closer to leaving and we don't feel that our grasp on the language is the best it could be. But we will continue to learn in the field in 3 days, and it will be so hard and so great. So yeah, looking forward to that adventure.
Also, John 15:18-21 click:  John 15:18-21 is a good scripture I was going over in personal study this morning that I felt was relevant to missionary work, because it's hard work and it's not always fun or easy or the popular thing to do, but Christ has done more for us, and we need to keep that in mind, that we can do it, and He will help us, because He has done it, too. So that's encouraging as well.

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