Monday, March 30, 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015 -- Week #6, Day #39 Guatemala MTC

March 27, 2015  10:14 pm

Oh my gosh they had THE BEST HORCHATA today! Oh, it was so good, it's my favorite, right by mango juice. Good stuff, man. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go the store or a Mexican restaurant and grab yourself some horchata and be a happy person! [horchata = rice milk with cinnamon and sugar]

So we had workshops all day, which were good, we were quite tired of sitting all day long and having presentations, but it was good. I was proud of our district, we didn't use the headphones for translation, and distrito mateo did, but that's alright.

At 4:15 pm it rained here for the first time during the day while we've been here, so that was pretty exciting, Hno Garcia taught me the name of rainbows... "arco iris" (ar-coh-ee-rihs) like Iris, Greek goddess of rainbows, and arco like a curve or arc. So I thought that was pretty neat.  I also got some more notes through Dear Elder the other day, and I finally had time to read them, so that was great, I don't think it works out of the CCM, so it will have to go the paper mail here pretty soon.

I keep singing the Pura Vida song, and Hna Kelinman has been picking up bits and pieces, so that's fun to have a happiness buddy. Go life!  click:  Pura Vida by Don Omar

So yeah, long day, super tired, time to get my little self to bed!

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