Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 -- Week #6, Day #36 Guatemala MTC

3/24/15 10:26 pm

Today was a good day.  Hna Kleinman and I taught Karen for the first time, finally, and it actually went quite well. We got in the door, and prayed opening and closing prayers, and she accepted to come to church, so we were quite pleased with that. It's strange to teach with 2 people, but I think we did a good job and we'll practice and get some more unity. It's a little tough with first visits because we're mostly getting to know the people and establish some sort of need to go off on for the next visit's lesson. We missed Hna Brady and her words of knowledge while teaching, but we're doing alright.

Also, fun fact, they seriously just have straight up fruit juice here, it's so cool! The mandarin juice tastes like you're drinking clementines, and there's watermelon juice, and this flower juice that tastes like cinnamon-pomegranate, oh it's so good, and melon juice and all the other juices are so yummy tasting, it's different than American juice.

Fun fact, E Roth is very good at chair racing. We moved a table out of our room because we no longer needed it, so there's a good 2-3 feet of space on either side of our line of tables now, so E Roth took advantage of that and scooted himself around and around the classroom a few times and was quite pleased with that activity, he is so funny. E High tried it, too, and didn't enjoy it quite as much, but it was good to see our elders having some fun.

That afternoon, Hna Kleinman and I were planning in the CRE space (where our investigators usually "live") for Karen while the elders were teaching Frederman (and Hno Garcia was in a "meeting") so we weren't in the classroom when they all came back and took off for lunch. Hna Kleinman and I walked around the corner and to the classroom, and Hno Garcia was closing the door with his back turned to us, quietly singing a pop song, and when he turned around and realized we were standing right by him and asked what he was doing, he made the funniest embarrassed face and was like "oh, ehm, I waaaas....singing a hymn! By Brother Bruno Mars.....yeah. It's time for lunch!" He's so funny.
Also, E Cox found a word in the dictionary that meant "to machete", as in chop things with a machete, which is "machetear" I believe, and when he mentioned it in class and explained what it meant, Hno Garcia immediately began conjugating it into different tenses and forms, and it was hilarious. The word of the day was "bird", by the way, since "the bird is the word", as per the elders in way of explanation. Guys have an interesting train of thought, sometimes.

In other fun news, I'm still talking in Spanish in my sleep, and apparently I was talking more than usual the other night and Hna Brady heard me and was laughing a lot at what I was saying. The top quotes she remembers are along the lines of "....pero necesitamos a....uh, personalize?....nuestros lecciones para los investigadores....." and "...tengo sueno de Presidente Cox, pero, estamos bien!" which translate to "but we need to -personalize- our lessons for the investigators" and "Presidente Cox made me sleepy, but we're good!" I might be more entertaining while I'm asleep rather than awake! I still don't really dream, and I don't remember talking, so I wonder what my little brain is doing all 8 hours I'm unconscious.  Fun stuff!

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