Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 -- Week #3, Day #16 Guatemala MTC

3/4/15 9:56 pm

Fun random fact, one of the new guys we got today looks exactly like a Latino version of Austin Rammell back in San Antonio.  We played volleyball this morning and I was surprised to see him, thought that was kinda neat that he had a twin.
New transfers in!

Today was kind of a useless, bleh day...our schedules got all changed because we're switching to the 3-4 weeker's horarios [schedules], and the new people are everywhere and can't figure out what they're doing, and the Latina hermanas from the other rooms were using our room's showers, and the computers weren't working very well, and our lesson with Frederman went poorly, and Hna Brady had an allergic reaction to something she ate, we think, so we kept going back and forth from the nurse because she had hives all over her body and her face all swelled up (she finally got a steroid shot and she's doing ok now), and we were coming off from a mentally taxing P-day, and we're just so exhausted and drained that I was totally unmotivated to do anything, really, and sweet Hna Kleinman had a bad breakdown, so we spent our time comforting her, so we didn't have time to teach Daniela, and no one could focus and be like we're normally supposed to it's just been a really interesting day. It wasn't a bad day, necessarily, it was just kinda all over the place and unengaging. So hopefully we can get back on track tomorrow and be good little missionaries.

But a bright spot is that lunch was really yummy, we had chicken Alfredo and little coconut pastries, so I definitely enjoyed that part of the day. Thank goodness for the wonderful Chef Carlos!

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