Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sunday, March 15, 2015 -- Week #4, Day #27 Guatemala MTC

3/15/15 10:04 pm

Sunday was a long day today! But good. In district meeting mis companeras and I taught about personal revelation, and I shared D&C 31:11,13... I like that scripture.  Also, D&C 31 is just wonderful overall, so I challenge you to go read that one... good stuff!  click:  Doctrine & Covenants 31

Also, I'm fairly certain I'm leaving the CCM on March 31 sometime, so I have 2 more weeks and I'm in the field! Crazy! But also exciting, my first 2 weeks here felt like forever, and these past 2 weeks flew by, I can't believe we'll get a whole bunch more of brand new missionaries on Tuesday, and we'll be the oldest people here. I really can't figure out my concept of time here, it is the strangest thing.

Also, I gave the closing prayer in Sacrament Meeting today, and participated in a musical number with Latinos and nortes, we sang an arrangement of "Nearer My God to Thee," and it was beautiful.
click:  Nearer My God to Thee - Guatemala MTC
Random fact, and I'm fairly certain I mentioned it before, but I was once again impressed today by how the salad lettuce is shredded into thin strips, instead of cut into squares or chunks...makes for an interesting eating experience. Just thought that was something super important you should know about the cuisine of the Guatemala CCM, as that is something that is always on your minds.
Note to Momma so I don't forget: the 5 year journal I was talking about is a Q&A a day, Potter Style Publishers, brown paper cover with gold leaf page edges, cool little prompts for each day you re-answer every year, see how you change or what not.  click:  Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal

But on a more spiritual note in light of it being Sunday, we watched the Joseph Smith video, click:  Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration and it was pretty neat to see what we keep teaching to these people all day long. It is amazing to see what the Lord requires of His people, but even more amazing are the blessings we receive because of our obedience. We are promised by the Lord that obedience and blessings are tied to each other, and thus as we submit our will we are given more opportunities and happiness than before we did. Interesting cause and effect to think about. The more we sacrifice, the more free we become, until it isn't a hard thing to be obedient anymore, and that is when we have a fullness of joy and peace. The Gospel is so cool!
But back with the Joseph Smith movie (weird saying that in English!), he was doing a stick pull, and he said "Sometimes God brings us low, so He can lift us higher", and I think that is applicable to all things in life. Christ descended below all things, and because of that, He is the Son of the Highest. And we have that potential in us, to be the righteous children of our Heavenly Father that will choose the right, and be faithful, and persevere to the end, through the pain and the trials and sadness and hard times, because we have that hope and faith in Christ, our perfect example, who has experienced our individual thoughts and feelings, and because of that, He knows what the best ways are to help us when we then experience our tests in life. We can have complete trust in the Lord, and He will never let us down. Never ever.

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