Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015 -- Week #3, Day #21 Guatemala MTC

3/9/15 9:54 pm

Today was an interesting day. It was good, but all of us hermanas were just so off today, and Hna Brady and I were just not up to the challenge of today and were just so unfocused and frustrated, and we finally broke down again. So not my finest moment, and I really hate being this emotional wreck of a person and being totally unproductive, but that's just kind of how the day went. We also learned difficult grammar today and it was just really weird to not have any of my brain be able to cooperate. My eyes hurt from crying, ugh, I hate it.

But my ever-patient teachers and a sweet Latina sister and Hna Kleinman walked us through it, and by the end it turned out to be an ok day. I kept feeling like I needed a big yell and go fight something, or punch a wall a lot, but I'm ok now. I don't even know why I was so sad or whatever strange emotion I has having, I've really been doing quite well lately. At any rate, that made for an interesting day.

Good scriptures from today:

Mark 10:29-30  click:  Mark 10:29-30
2 Nephi 1:21  click:  2 Nephi 1:21
D&C 61:36  click:  D&C 61:36
D&C 31:3  "Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come; and your tongue shall be loosed, and you shall declare glad tidings of great joy unto this generation."

And some random fun facts:  Hnas Brady and Kleinman have informed me that I speak Spanish in my sleep, their favorite line from last night was "...como ensenar....uh...yo no se..." which means "how to teach, uh, I don't know"....with a very nice accent and everything.

Spanish sleep talking!
Pretty funny that my poor brain doesn't get a break from teaching in languages even when I'm supposed to be sleeping! I have noticed that I don't dream anymore, which is a little strange, as I've always dreamed back home, and often in Spanish. But since coming here that's pretty much stopped, but apparently I'm speaking it out loud.  Hno Garcia says it's a good thing, sometimes better than dreaming. So make of that what you can.

In other news, I am happy to report that E Cox [Elder Cox] does a perfect Olan Rogers impersonation, and can recite to you the "Ghost in the Bathroom" story, and also that E Jensen [Elder Jensen] is literally the Irish version of Jack Black, mannerisms and everything. Great guy, I like him pretty well.  Also, Hna Giron speaks German, she learned it in High School, and learned English on her mission. Go figure that one, it's amazing how many people are multilingual, and Americans can barely handle 1 or 2 languages.

Lastly, I think it's safe to say that a good 98% of people here have dark brown/black eyes, and a good 70% have straight up black hair, so it always surprises me to look in the mirror and see my blue eyes, when I'm so used to seeing dark ones all around me all day long.  But the Latinas are always surprised, too, and tell me how pretty they are. I get so used to looking at the Latinos all the time and their type of looks, so when I run into another norte I'm like "Whoah, that's a weird looking person" and then I realize "Wait, I'm a norte too...weird".

I can literally feel my little neurons in my brain trying so hard to work properly when they keep getting yanked back and forth from English and Spanish all the time, hopefully they can figure out how to grow straight when it's only Spanish in the field. This experience is probably the most mentally taxing thing I've done so far, schoolwork really doesn't compare to the intensity that is required here, even in college. Not to mention just the physical fatigue that comes from the time you leave your house for the last time in a while, but compounding that with everything makes for a trial on your little body.This is a highly stressful environment, but it is where there is tremendous growth.

The Latinas change every 2 weeks, and the schedule changes everyday, and P-day changes, and how the investigators respond changes, and how the day goes always changes. So it's kinda tough, but it's necessary. Tough love, I guess.  I've jokingly referred to the CCM as militarized church on steroids....good stuff! But that's how we learn to be warriors for the cause of Zion, I suppose, so Hurrah for Israel!

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