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Tuesday, March 17, 2015 -- Week #5, Day #29 Guatemala MTC

3/17/15 1:48 pm

Today we went to the temple as we always do on P-day in the CCM, except we had a 7:00 am session, so we woke up at 5:50 so we could leave to walk over there at 6:15, so that was a little earlier than normal. But the temple was really good, I enjoyed being in the Celestial room with my companions sitting on either side of me.  click:  Inside an LDS temple
It was funny, the second Hna Kleinman came and sat down next to Hna Brady and I, I just felt so happy and "As Sister in Zion" click:  Hymn: "As Sisters in Zion" click on Music / Vocals for .mp3 and "Armies of Helaman" click:  Song: "We'll Bring the World His Truth (Army of Helaman)" click on Music / Vocals for .mp3 popped into my head.

I thought the chandelier looked especially pretty today, it reminded me of Beauty and the Beast. I love visiting the temples of our Lord!

We came back and had breakfast, and then wrote our families, and then went over to the local strip mall thing and shopped around for a little bit.  It was so fun to wander around the stores and look at all the colorful stuff! We were such girls getting all excited and running around and pointing out cool stuff, and I'm sure our Elders thought we were nuts. But that was really fun, and I got a package of Haribo Peach candy, I had no idea they made them! But they're pretty yummy.
Also, Hna Brady got her blood-work test results from yesterday, and she's allergic to something in the milk, so no more milk for her on the mission! So hopefully her allergies will clear up while she's still in the CCM with regular medical access, and then she just won't be able to eat milk products for a while. But she should be good now! Yay for medicine!

So we had lunch and we're chilling in our room, Hna Brady is straightening her beautifully crazy curly hair, and we're making our beds... and I got a surprise blanket for this rotation of bedding! I normally use 2 blankets because they are thinner and I get cold when I sleep, as everyone well knows, so when they come to strip our beds I guess they must have noticed that, so this time around they gave me a ginormous Disney princess blanket with roses and sparkles on it that I can fold in half for my bed... it made me smile and mis companeras thought that was so awesome, they are quite jealous. So I get to hang with Belle, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Jasmine for the next 2 weeks, in addition to my snowflake blanket, of course.
Also, in ways of accomplishments lately, my hair has grown about an inch, so in a ponytail, it brushes against the back of my neck a little bit, so that´s kinda exciting, I can´t wait for longer hair again. And I´ve also moved up to 10 lbs weights when I work on my arms during deportes, so I´m kinda proud of myself for that. I did 5 for a week, 8 for a week, and now I´m trying out the 10 lb-ers, and seeing how that goes.

But I also promised to send my talk on faith, so here's that for ya... keep in mind that there's supposed to be accents and stuff all over the place, but at least I can give ya the words, and I still have grammatical errors, but I tried!

[The "Faith" talk in Spanish never downloaded correctly...
have to try again next week!

Ok, the talk was just received today, April 13, 2015!
It is posted on Sunday, March 8, 2015 when it was given]

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