Monday, March 30, 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015 -- Week #6, Day #38 Guatemala MTC

March 26, 2015  10:07 pm

Tomorrow's Friday! We have workshops all tomorrow, so we're trying to get to bed a little earlier tonight so we can stay awake tomorrow. 

But today was good, we taught Frederman and that went kinda rough, I just completely blanked and left Hna Kleinman out to dry, but she did amazing and taught a wonderful lesson about faith. So I'm thinking that we'll do better next time we teach him, and will remember some things to say, whoops.

Also our lesson with Karen was interesting, it turned out that she brought her friend, Jorge, and he was Bible 'bashing and trying to convince her all throughout the lesson that we were wrong about the Gospel and the LDM [libro de Mormon = Book of Mormon] was false, and we didn't need prophets anymore, etc, so that was a little frustrating. But we didn't fight, and we explained as best we could and testified, so I guess that went ok? Anyway, that was interesting.

But our practices with the latinos went well tonight, we taught the Law of Chastity.  click:  Chastity  The elderes I was teaching were so nice and comfortable to teach, and they complimented my Spanish (different distrito than last night) so I guess I have Mexican sounding Spanish or something because both were from Mexico. I was totally able to understand them and was comfortable speaking with them, so that was nice. Mexicans and Guatemalans have the cleanest, slowest Spanish, Hondurans and Peruvians have some of the worst, apparently. So I'm gonna get really good at speaking fast and dropping half of my words like the Honduran Hermana I've been talking to during mealtimes.
Also, fun fact, we had chips and salsa for breakfast today, as well as some scrambled eggs and plantains, so that was fun. Always eggs! I like the way they prepare them at the CCM, there's usually some tomato or ham or something in them, and salsa on top, so they´re quite flavorful.

It was so funny, because this morning in class los elderes and Hno Garcia were comparing facial hair growing abilities and shaving stuff, so that was fun to listen in on, apparently none of them can grow a fully connected beard or something of that sort, and E Roth has an electric razor, and E Ang nicked himself the other day. So that was kinda fun to peer into the world of men for a few minutes, they are so funny.

Also, a good quote from today was "The scoreboard doesn't tell the whole story, so go play your heart out," so that's encouraging.  We know that what we're doing is right, and my goodness we are trying our best to do it, and it's gonna be OK. So there ya go, "Hurrah for Israel!"

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