Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 -- Month #1, Week #5, Day #30 Guatemala MTC

3/18/15 9:52 pm

Today was a fun day. We met some of our new latinas, and they are so cute! We found out that some of them are going to our missions, so we are pretty happy to finally meet latinas who are going to our missions, and that we will be traveling with them in 2 weeks to those missions. So cool to finally have some exit buddies!
We also have nortes in our shared room this time, instead of latinas.  It's so weird to have English speakers next to us when we've always been speaking Spanish for a month! But it's good, Hna Loli is from Australia and she is so cool! I adore her. She doesn't know a lick of Spanish, and she hung with our trio for a few hours while her companion was napping and we talked for a while and that was so fun.

In some sad news, Daniela moved to France, so we get to teach Karen now, and she is just a little ball of fun (some sarcasm is intended). So that's gonna be a fun adventure for our last 2 weeks, we still have Frederman, I'm pretty sure, and Lucy and all our other normal practices with latinos and distritos mateo y job. The teaching continues!

Hno Garcia played a joke on us, ugh, we were so mad at him! He had been telling us the past few days that we would probably get new teachers for our last 2 weeks, and we were kinda sad about that, because my teachers are seriously amazing people, and also his supervisor's wife just had her baby on Sunday, I think, so he's basically doing that guy's job as he takes off for a week or so, and so we didn't see much of him this week as it is.

Anyway, he was getting the Latinos settled and figured out, so we didn't see him at all today, after not seeing him on Sunday, and not again on P-day, so it had been awhile.  Anyway, he poked his head in the classroom that morning and said that he would come back in a little while and introduce our new teacher later in the afternoon, so after lunch we all file back in to study, and he walks in with Hno Coc (who speaks Spanish and Q'eqchi' but no English), and he introduces himself and stuff and starts teaching our grammar lesson, and Hno Garcia leaves to go do his supervisor stuff, and we're just sitting there trying to accept our new reality and having this teacher for our last 2 weeks who only spoke Spanish, and we had never seen him before, and we didn't know how our investigators would change and if we would lose Hna Giron as well, so we were all kinda slumped and sad-looking, I suppose. 
But then we hear Hno Garcia just lose it in the hallway and then he comes back in, folded in half from laughter and told us that he thought our faces were so funny and that he was actually still our teacher. He had been watching us through the window in the door and this had been one of the best responses he'd had from his little joke as he's been teaching. So we all laughed about it and it was pretty funny.  In context, I don't know how funny you guys will think it is written out, but we are very grateful to keep our wonderful teachers for our last 2 weeks. They are just so good!

Also, some fun new words I learned today were "esternocleidomastoideo" [sternocleidomastoid =is a paired muscle in the superficial layers of the side of the neck. It is one of the largest and most superficial cervical muscles. It rotates the head and flexes the neck... go anatomy!], "calamar" [squid], and "pulpo" [octopus].  I love Spanish!

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