Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015 -- Week #5, Day #31 Guatemala MTC


I didn't write on this day, because I was in the ER with Hna Brady because of her allergies.  I stayed the night at the hospital with her, too, so now I can proudly say that I have drank 2 cups of Guatemalan chamomile tea, had some Guatemalan pineapple Jello, and slept on the floor of a Guatemalan hospital!

So that was fun, and I went back to the CCM in the morning of the 20th, where Hna Kleinman switched with me. Write more about that soon.

So here's the story from this whole experience - Written on 3/25/15

Today right after lunch, Hna Brady started having a severe allergic reaction to something, so we went down to Hna Cox and she called the doctors for the CCM and was ordering some medicine for her. We asked E Cox and E Roth to give her a blessing, which they did, and we finally ended up taking her to the hospital because her face was so swollen and she was all covered in hives and though she could breathe alright, her throat was getting a little tight and it was difficult to swallow medication.

So all three of us went down to the hospital and sat there for 3-4 hours, I think, while the doctors tried to figure out what was wrong, and gave her adrenaline and some heavy antihistamines to help her symptoms. Eventually we came to the decision that that she needed to stay the night in case something flared up again (as this was her second reaction in 2 weeks and they get exponentially more severe) so Hno Cajas took Hna Kleinman and I back to the CCM.

I quickly ate some dinner and grabbed my pillow, blanket and scriptures, and he took me back to the hospital and chilled with Hna Brady that night. She was stable and ok, but still kinda puffy, so we just talked and read about Moses in Exodus, and I had to go hunt down a doctor person to ask if she could have some dinner (in Spanish, of course) since her call button thing did not seem to be working and she was quite hungry, so that was fun.

So I lasted sleeping on the chair by the bed for a few hours, and then all the beeping of monitors and little blue lights and people constantly coming in and out of the room finally got to me, so I borrowed a blanket from Hna Brady's bed for my legs and my snowflake blanket for my upper half, and cocooned up nicely on the floor right by her bed, and it was actually quite comfortable. So that an interesting night.

But I did learn how to make a Guatemalan hospital bed when one of the attendants came in to change the sheets while Hna Brady was showering, so that was pretty cool.

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