Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 -- Month #7 - Week #33 - Day #226 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

September 30, 2015

Conversation of the day: "So, hermana, after hearing us teach this lesson about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, is there anyone in your family or a friend that we could visit as well?"  "Uhm, no, actually, everyone I know goes to church."  Love it.

We also had a visit with a lady that supposedly had learned everything about the gospel from the previous set of missionaries in this area, and was ready for baptism (but isn't willing to get married) and everything, and just wants us to come and read the Bible with her. However, she had the burning question of why you can't find the names of the Book of Mormon prophets in the Bible. Yup, she knows everything.

Today was good, lots of walking, lots of teaching, lots of people who didn't quite understand what we were saying, I guess, so that was fun.  I'm getting to know Hna Escobar more, and she has some crazy stories! But she's a good little nut, I hope we're together for another change.
We found bamboo!
Really big stuff, Hna Escobar had never seen bamboo before and was very surprised!
But, some awesome news! Our water came back! Whoohoo! So we filled our pila back up and can take a normal shower now!  (as normal as our showers are here...) Yay! The house water is back, except the toilet doesn't want to work, so we have to pour water in to flush it. We fill up some of the buckets we keep in the bathroom for pila showers and pour that in, but it's nice because we can fill it up from our shower spigot, instead of hauling water in from the pila outside. Not that I shun exercise, but it's nice to have a break once in a while!

Today we had the opportunity to try anise avocados, which are these little avocados that taste like black licorice. Weird, right? But I liked them pretty well, everyone else thought they were too strange. They are definitely different, I wonder how the genetics of the plant were changed to produce the anise-tasting chemicals in the fruit. Someone with technology back home has gotta look that up for me, please!

I also just remembered the "Pictures of Christ" series that Mark Mabry produced, there's some pretty cool images if you want to check it out.  click: Reflections of Christ  I was going to show them to Hna Escobar on Monday, but ran out of time and forgot, whoops. One of my favorites is when Jesus is walking on the water,and when the Twelve ate the fish with Him on the beach. It feels good just to look at the pictures and think about the stories of Jesus, helps you calm down and refocus on your life and why we are here. 

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