Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Saturday, September 12, 2015 -- Month #6 - Week #30 - Day #208 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

September 12, 2015

Today was good, we finally found one of the inactive families we were looking for and they're really awesome people. So we'll keep working with them, the dad was Elder's Quorum President, and the mom was a counselor in the Young Women's organization. They are actually references from a contact we made from Wednesday, so that was cool. The directions to get to their house weren't very good, so we spent a good 20-30 minutes trying to find them, but we did, finally, so everyone was happy about that.
Santa Cruz

More outside shots in Santa Cruz

And the elderes in Yojoa (our Zone Leaders) had a baptism today, so that was wonderful. I got to give a surprise talk about baptism (not a big deal, we talk about that all the time. Actually, most of the things we give talks about we talk about all the time. That sentence made a ton of sense. Sorry.) so that was fun. And everyone forgot towels, so that was also fun for us (Hna Rosas and I) to go solutionize that problem, we were successful in the end. And the Ward Mission Leader told us an hour before the service that he couldn't come, as he was working. And the sister that was supposed to talk about the Holy Ghost fell asleep at home and woke up just a few minutes before the service was supposed to start, so a recently returned missionary gave that talk with about 15 minute's notice. Poor Elder Roldan was stressed out of his mind. But, everything went surprisingly quite smoothly, actually, and the lady was baptized. There's always, always, always opposition on a baptism day. Always. Drives me crazy.
On Saturdays we have dinner at the house of Hna Betty, who is wonderful, and she has a pet dog named Oso (Bear) that is a little special. It's a little fluff-ball sort of dog, with pointy ears, and honey-colored fur that sticks straight out. He has brown eyes that look a little bit too alert, but go cross-eyed sometimes, and his tongue is always sticking out the side of his mouth. Walks kinda funny, and likes to follow you around. Really sweet dog, though, haven't heard him bark or growl or anything. Just kinda trots around the house, living his dog life. 

So yeah. Gotta get my talk finished up for tomorrow in Church, I'm speaking with Elder Pocock, and our Ward Mission Leader. And we might possibly give the Gospel Principles class if he isn't able to stay. Ha saber.

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