Monday, September 28, 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015 -- Month #7 - Week #32 - Day #222 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

September 26, 2015

Good day, it rained a whole lot.

In the morning we went over to visit Noemy again, as she's awesome, and we encountered her and the girl who helps in the house all in a tizzy with Camila and Sebastian running all over the place crazy. So Hna Escobar and I played with the kiddos as Noemy cooked lunch and the girl finished washing some clothes. So Hna Escobar braided Camila's hair while I played cars with Sebastian, and then we all played with this play sand and made castles and crabs and shells, so that was super fun. And then we got to eat lunch with them all, so that was also pretty awesome. I love Noemy, she's just so good. She also works in the temple over in Tegus, so some of my CCM district might have seen her when they are able to go to the temple. I miss going! 18 months is hard enough, I think 2 years would be even harder.

From there we went and helped Sandra clean the chapel, as the other 2 sisters that were assigned with her couldn't come, so we got to do some service there.  I'm really good at wiping down the benches and mopping classroom floors.

We then went over to Las Flores in bus (our area is seriously ginormous...) and did some more contacting. It started raining while we were there, and we sought refuge under a sheet metal roof for a while. But, good news, we got 5 REALLY HUGE lemons! Whoohoo!
We found a tree with these GINORMOUS lemons, so I climbed up it a few feet to reach these huge yellow beauties...we'll be feasting tonight! :P

The people said that they're limes, but they're actually lemons. Normally lemons don't exist here, so I was actually quite surprised. So there was this super long contacting story that I'll leave out, but we finally ended up getting permission to take some lemons. Problem is, they were all kinda hard to reach, due to a lovely barbed wire fence. So, I stood on Hna Escobar's knee and pulled myself partway up the tree and hung on with my arms, with my other foot against the tree and wire. That way I could reach a branch, twist off some lemons, and toss them to Hna Escobar, after which I hopped down from the tree totally fine. We got pretty much completely wet from the rain, but we were laughing the whole time and we got some crazy giant lemons out of it.
It actually got a little cold with all the rain, so I put on my sweater! Crazy!
So we continued on our way home, changed clothes in the house, and went to the church to watch the General Women's Session, which was wonderful.  I listened in Spanish, and understood everything. When the hymns were sung in English just Hna Escobar and I sang, as she truly wants to learn English and I already know it. So that was kinda funny. But I enjoyed it all, it was good.

Also, fun fact, somehow all our contacts today were members of the church of the 7th Day Adventists, I think it is in English. So that was interesting. Good people, very firm in their beliefs, just was odd that they were all over the place (and yes, I know that today is Saturday and is also the 7th day of the week, which is their day of worship, thank you for pointing that out).

More shots of Honduras
And, funny story of the day: Hna Escobar was reading the pamphlet about the Restoration in English to practice the words out loud, and she ran across a few that were unfamiliar to her. When that happened, she stopped, asked me what the word was, corrected herself, and continued reading. Sometimes she would look over in the Spanish version, or make a good guess of what the word was and ask me to verify. The later happened when she ran across the word "apply" in the English pamphlet and asked me (in Spanish) how you would say "aplicar" (apply) in English as that was what she thought the word was, and I responded that it was "apli-CAR" with a very gringo accent. In my head it made sense, as apply and aplicar are the same idea now, but it was really funny at the time. I then corrected myself and affirmed that she was right to assign aplicar to apply.  Gotta love learning languages, right?  I'm finding that it is hard to pray out loud in English, last Thursday I gave the closing prayer in Coordinacion Misional, and they wanted me to give it in English. Hard to force your brain back to using the old neuron trails after a while. Makes for funny stories!

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