Thursday, September 17, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015 -- Month #6 - Week #30 - Day #210 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

September 14, 2015
Some shots in the early morning from our house.

Today was fun, we didn't have water to wash clothes, so that gave us another 4 hours to kill... spent most of it doing our nails, watching Preach My Gospel videos, and chilling and talking. Also talked to the landlady, and she'll try to get someone over here to check the water lines tomorrow.

Went and wrote our families, didn't buy food as we might have cambios, so it's best to wait until Wednesday or Thursday when everything's settled to buy a bunch of food for the week. But, we did go clothes shopping! I bought 2 skirts for 70 lemps, or about $3.50, and the lady threw in a shirt for free! Sweet! There are like a bajillion places that sell clothes and most things go for about a dollar or two each. Pretty much all of it is used, but you can always find stuff in really good condition. Hna Rosas also bought a skirt and the free shirt as well, so we were pretty happy with our purchases.

We then had an early dinner with the elderes of Santa Cruz and Yojoa at President Flores's house (as they helped move the mother of Pres Flores into her house today. E Olivas surprised me when he put his face up to our window to announce their arrival... goofball).
He had seen my little AlphaSmart when we were writing today, and thought it was pretty neat, so he asked about it as we were eating. I pulled it out and showed everyone my super awesome tech, the elderes got very excited and are seriously gonna ask their families to send them one for Christmas. They all took turns passing it around and typing and turning it off and on and stuff... it was quite funny, actually, Hna Rosas and I enjoyed ourselves watching them get all excited and start envisioning how they could write in their journals so much faster and more often with it, instead of just once a week. I should have gotten a video of the whole scene, Elderes Roldan, Hess, Olivas and Pocock all typing away and exploring around on my AlphaSmart. They're good guys, and good missionaries.

From there were ran back home and got ready to go, went over and picked up an investigator to bring him to a Family Home Evening with a member family. Everything went really well, and we dropped him back off and we got home. 

We were informed that Hna Rosas has cambios, I'll stay here in Santa Cruz. So we planned our day for tomorrow, took a 2 gallon shower, and are getting ready for bed!

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