Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 -- Month #6 - Week #30 - Day #204 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

September 8, 2015

Today was good, hopped on our bus to head to District Meeting, we had a surprise visit from Pres and Hna Dester! Yay! I flipped back into nurse companion mode to help Hna Dester translate a message to Hna Robles over into Spanish, so that was kinda fun again to be back in the health loop and help Hna Dester out. I also conducted the District Meeting (got notified on the bus ride over that I was to pick who would do what and all that, yay for delegation!) and Hna Dester complimented me and said that she could never just get up and rattle off all that in Spanish. She's so sweet and truly sincere, I just love her. And she makes some seriously awesome cookie bar thingies when we have interviews with Pres, I've gotta ask her for the recipe. Good stuff, those cookie bars, remind me so much of home.

And all our plans fell through, so we did some lovely contacting, almost getting lost a few times as we explored some more parts of our area, although I think we won't return to some of them for some time, there's a few interesting people living there. Anyways, every single person we contacted had already (supposedly, we're not quite sure... people tend to lie a lot) talked to missionaries, they're actually almost never home, it's a miracle that we found them that day, and that they aren't willing / able / have enough money to go to church with us on Sunday. Really nice people, but completely disinterested and noncommittal (how do you spell that correctly?)  That's pretty much what we meet up with when we contact, anywhere you go in Honduras. Pretty awesome. Or they start answering everything with, "Well, we all worship the same God, right?  We are the Church, not the four walls of a building. What's in our heart matters. It's the same God, just lots of different flocks."  As if that's the go-to answer for all the questions of the universe.  I'm not sure how much looking around in the rough it takes to find that happy diamond, but I would imagine that it is a lot. But when you do find a diamond, it is something to be truly treasured and taken care of, as in my experience diamonds are sort of a rare commodity here, literally and figuratively.
So all that made for an interesting day. It also rained really hard in the afternoon, so that was fantastic. The power stayed on, though, so that was truly fantastic. And we listened to "Living on a Prayer" by Journey on the bus ride back to Santa Cruz, so that attained the level of epic for the day.

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