Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 -- Month #6 - Week #29 - Day #198 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

September 2, 2015

Hna Dester was worried about my upset stomach from a while back as it's been a little touchy lately, so she asked me to go run some tests. Problem is, we don't have super reliable clinics over here, so we had to go up to SPS to the beloved Hospital Bendana. So that was fun to travel, do my things, and come back all in the same day.  But, I got to see Hna Robles and Hna Estacuy again, so that was nice. Hna Rosas looked like she was trying really hard to figure out my previous life the whole time, I'll admit that it's quite different from that of a normal missionary.  She couldn't believe that we would have to sit and wait and go to so many doctor's appointments, go and buy medicine, and travel to all the hospitals and the office so often, on top of missionary work, every day. Seemed a little bit bewildered. She determined that this is where I learned to be patient and calm, and get unruffled with things happening and so much not in our control. She's still working on the developing patience part, but is a wonderful sister to work with, I like her. But yeah, it was kinda fun to go tromp around my old stomping grounds, contacting all over the place in taxis and waiting rooms and everything. Good times.

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