Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 -- Month #6 - Week #31 - Day #211 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

September 15, 2015

WE GOT OUR WATER BACK!!!! We woke up, and about 7:00 am we heard the water sputtering back, and our pila filled up! We're not gonna die!! Whoo! Pretty much thrilled right now.
Happy Independence Day to Honduras, as well as most of Central America... the morning was all full of parades and people in the streets so we had to walk a little farther down the road to find where the buses pass. Still had to wait another 30-40 minutes until one passed that would go through Potrerillos. Gotta love parades!

Today we had our last Zone Meeting with the current organization, took some photos of everyone, and hopped back on the bus back to Santa Cruz. From there we had lunch with Hna Betty, and then we went around and Hna Rosas said goodbye to everyone. Really productive day.
Zone Meeting

We met up with a guy while we were waiting for the bus in the morning, we started talking and stuff, turns out he had read the Book of Mormon, so he started telling us all about that, including the prophets, Alma, Helaman, Jupiter... "when we informed him that Jupiter is a planet, not a prophet, he remarked, "Oh, I guess I ought to read it again", which we highly recommended.  So that was a funny experience from today.  click:  Book of Mormon

I also decided to call my Texas Polar Bear that my sister made for me by the name of Amethyst.  Just thought I'd let ya'll know that, really important, ya know. Everyday I put her on my bed and have a happy moment as I remember home.  And she's all soft and fuzzy, so that's awesome.
TX Bear from Lyndsey - "Amethyst"

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