Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015 -- Month #6 - Week #31 - Day #213 - Santa Cruz de Yojoa

September 17, 2015

Today was good, we went back to SPS to see a doctor for Hna Escobar, as she wasn't feeling so good for assorted reasons, and I got some more meds for my tummy, so that was a fun day to travel and go hospitaling and travel again... I love public transportation. We seriously cram in sooooo many people into a bus, and it's amazing how we all fit. I honestly think they would have us sit on laps if they could fit more people in. Crazy. But, we got there and back well, and it was fun to see Hna's Robles and Estacuy again. Hna Estacuy is playing a more major role in the things of the enfermera, as Hna Robles is finishing her mission this change, the end of October. Hna Escobar hasn't left Copan since she got here with me back in April, so it was good that I knew how to talk to the taxis and get us to where we needed to go and navigate the hospital to the doctor's office and everything... she also saw how my life was like, and thought it was a little crazy.  It's hard to be a normal missionary when you're the mission nurse. Now that I'm in the "actual" field, I can definitely see that. But, I'm happy either way, although it was nice to go and be so hands-off, gives a break from so much responsibility.
Hna Escobar and I!

Fun picture of my name tag plaque in some flowers.
We went and saw Dra. Fasquelle, who is awesome, and she kept asking me if my eyebrows are tattoos or natural, and said that Hna Escobar should drink water in industrial quantities, which was kinda funny. But she also recommended gargling with hydrogen peroxide when your tonsils and throat are inflamed. Tastes super not delicious, but works really, really well. I recommend it as well.

I'll also let you know that I've switched over to powdered milk. The milk here just goes bad really fast, and just doesn't taste right.  Ech. So I'm making a batch of milk in a water bottle every few days with my milk powder and water and some vanilla extract to cut the chalky taste of the milk. Actually turns out pretty well, reminds me of the little cartons of vanilla milk from Costco that we always bought for school lunches. First time in my life that I remember ever drinking powdered milk. Interesting stuff.
My breakfast, little bread thingy and some milk.
So that was our day, we had Weekly Planning in the morning, went and bought some food, partied in SPS, got home too late to go teach, so we basically didn't leave to give lessons today, which wasn't super fun. But, we should be good to go tomorrow, so hopefully we just go up from here!

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