Friday, March 18, 2016

Wednesday, March 09, 2016 -- Month #12 - Week #56 - Day #387 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

March 9, 2016

Wednesday! Which means cambios! Those are always fun. Got everyone up and ready early, and hauled all the suitcases and backpacks and whatnot over to the church so the cambios bus could pick everyone and everything up. Then we came back home and slept for a little bit because we were exhausted from the past 2 days of craziness. And then got ourselves ready and studied and had lunch with Hna Olympia who will have eye surgery tomorrow, she's a sweet little old lady. Kinda quirky, but I love her.

Then we sorted some more stuff out with the ZL's, and did some visits. We were supposed to help teach the hnas of the Relief Society a country dance, but they never came to the church, so we just kinda waited a little bit and swept the church until la Noche de Hermanamiento. That all went well, and we headed home. Overall, fairly quiet day, still kinda tired.

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