Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016 -- Month #13 - Week #57 - Day #398 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

March 20, 2016

Sunday! We were up and about fairly early to go search out and bring a bunch of people to the Church. Only 2 were able/decided to come, so that was a little discouraging, but we were very happy that 2 of them came. My talk went well, I always feel like I just spout random things for 10 minutes and then sit down. Ah. But overall all the classes and everything went well. I liked the Relief Society class that Hna Blanca gave today about Jesus Christ and the Atonement and Resurrection (I hope I spelled that right in English). She told us all to close our eyes and imagine the life of Jesus and to pay attention to what we saw and felt. I thought about the Greg Olsen painting where He is sitting on the hill, overlooking Jerusalem, that goes with the scripture about how He gathers us as a hen gathereth her chicks. And I felt peaceful and calmed. So that was a meaningful lesson today. And I invite you guys to try that as well. Close your eyes in a quiet place and think about Jesus for a few minutes.
O Jerusalem
And after Church we came home and ate all the rest of the food from the fridge. Our beautiful problem was that somehow we didn't buy water yesterday and we didn't have any purified water to drink or use. So we had to fill our purifying water bottles and then squirt the water into a pitcher and use that. We felt like the 5 foolish virgins from the parable! But we were alright, didn't die of thirst. And the light didn't go out today so we were able to cook! That was the awesome part. It's been going out a lot this week.

And Consejo de Rama, and some visits. Busy day.

But tonight we killed a palm-sized brown tarantula!
Tarantula time!
It was hanging out in the corner of the pila above the water line, and I knew it wouldn't drown easily, so we put our tennis shoes on and splashed it with water in the pila so it would curl into a ball, then I scooped it out and threw it on the ground and Hna Cruz squished it with one of our plastic bucket things.
And we sprayed it with permethrin to make sure it was really dead, which it was. That was the first time I've killed a tarantula in the mission. Kinda random. But we're alright, Hna Cruz is developing skills as well! She's learning my motto: "If you're gonna kill something, you'd better kill it good". We'll be a little more watchful of the critters in our house and whatnot. We saw a squished cockroach in one of our visits today. And there's always ants and mosquitoes everywhere. I actually got a few new bites today. Darn mosquitoes.
And me afterwards, please note the tennis shoes and flashlight as safety measures :)
But yeah, looking forward to tomorrow! We get to wash a bunch of clothes in our tarantula-free pila and write you guys! Yeah!

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