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Thursday, March 17, 2016 -- Month #12 - Week #57 - Day #395 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

March 17, 2016
I have 3 new mosquito bites: on the topside of my left wrist, on my right side waist on my ribs, and on my right foot on the inside arch by the big toe. All the random places where I don't douse myself in bug spray, and are really hard to scratch effectively when they itch. I hate mosquitoes.  click:  Zika virus outbreak - mosquito borne 
Today was good, we did a lot of walking, and the sun was hot, and the light kept going out all day long which was quite annoying, but we're fine and happy. I'm still a tad bit sunburned but I put on a long-sleeve collared shirt to help my skin out. I'd be interested to see the stats on the likelihood of a returned missionary developing skin cancer.

This morning we had Weekly Planning, then we went to lunch and started handing out invitations to a Relief Society activity for this Saturday that will be made up of the branches of El Dorado, La Entrada, and La Florida. So we got to play messenger and start avising people about that. Some people figure that if we walk so much and visit so many people it will be easy for us to deliver about 30 invitations in 2 days. But if that's what they need we're happy to help. We also wash clothes, dishes, floors, choreograph dances, print and deliver invitations, print and update the Branch Calendar, teach people how to have FHE, teach the Gospel, haul 5 gallon water jugs, tree branches and suitcases, bathe in cold water, drink Coke, and are eaten alive by mosquitoes on a daily basis. And we're happy! The mission is great.

After doing mail service we talked to our house owners because there were a few things that needed to be fixed in our house, and we sat and fanned ourselves for a few minutes since the light had gone since 8:30 am and hadn't returned at that point. Got ourselves composed again, and headed out into the sun to be the awesome missionaries we are. Taught some people that weren't progressing and continue to not progress, went hunting around for some more members to invite and we checked up on Keyla and Alexandra. We found out that Alexandra almost had a stroke or something like that, which was odd as she's only 9 years old, so she's staying with her dad over in Santa Luz (if you pass Santa Luz you end up in Quebrada Seca, where we got lost that one day with the dog that followed us the entire way) and won't come back until after Semana Santa. So that was a little startling. But Keyla's doing fine, she's a good girl.
More of our area

And we continued on our way, contacting the world. At about 5:00 pm the power came back, so we started heading over to Cesia and Roning to visit with them, when the power went out again at 6:30 pm, and it was dark, so we had to go home and cancel the appointment. Hna Cruz washed clothes and I napped in the hammock until the light came back an hour later. So we left and kept contacting, as it was getting a little later and we couldn't keep any of our citas. Then the light went back out at 8:00 pm, so we went back home, picking up some baleadas on the way because we couldn't cook on our electric stove, and then the light came back at 8:30 pm, just constantly on and off, on and off. Love it. But the moon was almost half full, so it actually gave off a lot of light, I had a moonshadow! So that was pretty cool.

And during our lesson, the little 4 year-old son of the lady came running in, carrying some watermelon seeds in his hand. He was so excited that he ran and planted them, and gave them some water, and told us that they would grow later and we could have watermelon to eat. Smart little kiddo, although I'm not sure about the chances of survival those poor little seeds have. But it was very cute, nonetheless.
And that was pretty much our day. We discovered a new little chunk of our area, so that's awesome. We'll have fun contacting all that. And now I'm very tired and my body is all sore and worn out. Goodnight!

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