Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 -- Month #12 - Week #57 - Day #393 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

March 15, 2016

Quincena!!! We get money so we can eat! That's always a good thing. Not that I still have a few pounds to lose, but I don't like grumbly tummies.

Today was sort of a weird day, I don't feel good because we didn't actually work that much. This morning we had to go a little early and clean up the chapel and have a Leadership Meeting with the DLs and ZLs of our zone, I think it was kinda weird for them to have hnas with them, but that went well and I think we have some good leaders in our zone of Copan #Zarahemla. Yes, we are Zone Zarahemla now, as a way of a joke.

But we did that and the ZLs gave us a great training and an example of the importance and benefits of setting goals. Everything made a little more sense afterwards. Some of our missionaries in the zone were acting weird, but us HLEs and the ZLs are trying to straighten things out between everybody. And poor Potrerillos and Villanueva ALL the way over by SPS... kinda forgotten. We gotta get better about that. Technically Hna Cruz and I are in charge of 3 zones of hnas, but we tend to focus on Copan more than anything because 4 of our 6 pairs of hnas are here. But God loves all His children, not just the ones in Copan!
And in the mototaxis sometimes you find actual seats from cars. Whatever works!
Got some awesome speaker action as well.
And we hauled all 24 of us over to have lunch and then we dispersed to our areas. We then had to go run some errands and print off calendars and invitations because some people don't really fulfill their callings so the missionaries get to do a lot of things. Finally got all that figured out, then we did a visit! Finally! And then heading to our other appointment they called and canceled. Grr. So we went to the Church for a minute and ended talking about how it is to drive in Tegucigalpa with these 2 hnos in our branch, and then we took off and went looking for some of our other investigators because we haven't seen them in a while, and we ended up waiting a while for the mom to come back with the keys she had lost since Thursday, and we played with the little dog they have that's crazy (I like dogs, but not hyperactive little dogs), and we quickly explained the Book of Mormon and set another cita and we had to come home because it was late. So yeah, that was our day. Go missionary work! But tomorrow we'll actually get some good work done. There will be much contacting and convincing people to let us in for a few minutes and listen to us, pray, and change their lives. Oh yeah.

But, good news! There's this new Church iniciative, it's called, where the Church makes a video and then makes a pass along card with the internet link, and you can watch it and it's awesome and is like 2 mins long. Right now we're sharing about "Siguelo y encuentra una vida nueva #Aleluya" or "Follow Him and find a new life #Hallelujah". Really neat. Watch the video and share it with your friends and everybody!!!  click:  2016 Easter Video "Hallelujah!"

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