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Monday, March 07, 2016 -- Month #12 - Week #55 - Day #385 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

March 7, 2016

Pday! We went to the Ruinas (for my 3rd time, I think) because Hna Cruz, Bautista and E Alfaro, Martinez and Benitez hadn't gone. So we all trooped down and explored the ruins, had a good time.
Back in time to Copan Ruinas!
Together with our Zone
Hna Mower and Hna Cruz
We found some bats in one of the recesses in the Ruinas
Got all hot and sweaty (it's gonna be really hot this week) but we had a good time. There was a tour group of Germans looking around, and one of them actually ended up being in one of our pictures. Go Germany! It's interesting to be in Copan Ruinas because there are people from all over the place, usually lots of Europeans.
A random German lady was in one of our pics...
Hna Mower - Copan Ruinas
So we got ourselves all figured out and on the LONG bus ride back to La Entrada, and wrote our families and bought a few things, and made a birthday cake for Keyla, our recent convert, as today is her birthday and we're gonna do a surprise party for her.
Made the cake (it was a tiramisu cake... soaked these big cookie things in chocolate milk and layered it with whipped cream with cinnamon and cherries on top) and took it over to Wilmer's house and had the party. Everything went well and we got back home after a very long and crazy day.
Birthday party for Keyla

Fun fact from Honduras: people tend to write "N" backwards in signs and whatnot. I don't know why, but it's hard to find a normal "N". And there's quotation marks all over the place. We don't underline things here, we put " ".  Also don't know why. It makes everything seem kinda sarcastic. We're gonna go to the pulperia "La Bendicion" (that's a real name, it's up the street from our house), the Sunday School class is on "Faith". Just different way of doing things.

But yeah, good day, exhausted and we're gonna have a crazy week with changes and everything. Love it!
We found a katydid on a tree stump!

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