Friday, March 18, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016 -- Month #12 - Week #56 - Day #390 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

March 12, 2016

Saturday! Did some visits in the morning, our lunch got canceled so we went to Mi Negro Bello. They've figured out that I am not the hugest fan on vast quantities of tajadas with my food, as I have always asked for no tajadas and just ate a few off the plate of Hna Cruz because she couldn't finish them all, either. So to my surprise and delight, the lady asked if I would like tortillas instead of tajadas, so I was happy with my lunch! I think I've explained that my tummy doesn't really like green fruit, and tajadas are green plantains, so I try not to eat a whole lot of them at once. But I got my carbs in with my tortillas and it made everything easier to eat since you can make a sort of taco thing with your meat and refried beans and ensalada and cheese and it's a whole lot less messy. I will always ask for tortillas from now on!

So we did all that fun stuff, bought Hna Cruz another bucket so that it's easier for her to wash clothes (at home they wash them in buckets by hand, not in pila with the washboard thingy... I prefer the pila because you can work out your frustration from the week). Brought that home, and got ready to leave again.

Went looking for people that weren't there, then went to the church to go over the dance again. But we waited an hour for someone with the keys to come and unlock the church. So we finally got in and I started explaining choreography and counting and the steps. Turned out fairly well, for it being our 2nd practice.

And did some contacting and we found another church, the Templo Cristiano Familiar "Peniel". Another A.

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