Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday, March 11, 2016 -- Month #12 - Week #56 - Day #389 - El Dorado, La Entrada, Copan

March 11, 2016

Being in San Pedro close to Semana Santa is really hot. We got to go up to SPS again for the Reunion de Liderazgo for the ZL's and HLE's. Problem is, we got there late. Almost an hour late. I love the traffic coming up from Copan. Yeah.
Reunion de Liderazgo

Hna Cruz and Hna Mower -- President and Sister Dester
But that went well, got some more counsel from Pres Dester and we talked about some of the issues in the mission that can be resolved.

HLEs (Sister Leader Trainers)
Hna Estacuy, Escobar (not my companion), me, Hna Cruz
Finished that up and we went and walked 30 mins to a pizza place for lunch with all the gringo elderes. The reason being for that is because this pizza place is owned by a guy named Joe from an Italian family, and he is from New York and speaks perfect English, and he now lives in Honduras making cheap, ridiculously good pizza and rolls and pasta.
And Hna Cruz and I with Joe!
I felt like I was in the States again, it tasted SO good! Besides the fact that it was at least 110 degrees inside the restaurant place, it was awesome. There are good people in the world! And I love them! We got to sign the missionary board that Joe has and we took our picture with him!
Joe's board with all the missionary's signatures
Good guy, puts up with all the silliness of the elderes. Because the elderes do tend to get a little crazy. But we got to enjoy an awesome lunch.

Then we took off to Maeco to find some new clothes, so we got to navigate around in the crazy rapiditos again and hold on tight to our backpacks and everything. Good times. But we finally got to this one place where they sell (basically) unused clothes from good brands at decent prices. I got myself a few skirts I need to take in and bring the hem up, and some shirts. So I was thrilled! All for about $7. Score!

After that we ran back to the Terminal to hop on the bus and come back to Copan. And we got to sit on that blessed bus 3 hours as it made it's happy way down. Finally got home, get everything put away, and did a visit. Busy day.

In news from Honduras, it is perfectly normal for random people to board the bus, trying to sell you food and drinks and random things (menthol inhalers, chains, pumpkins, phone chargers) and also for people to come and start preaching to and blessing people. Which is what happened this morning on the way to SPS. It was just kinda incongruent with all this guy's (literal) shouting and fist-pumping about something of how you will die, but Ezekiel died healthy and how we need to repent and have order in our lives because God is a god of order, and fornicating and killing and stealing and whatnot is a life of disorder and therefore you will not be with God, and telling everyone how God will heal us... to the music of Bon Jovi singing about how it's his life and it's now or never... Honduras! The bus driver had a mix of Evangelical songs in Spanish, English techno, and 80's classic rock on his radio. Which in of itself is an interesting combination.

And there's always these random signs on the side of the road with the 10 Commandments. Gotta remind everyone what they should be doing!
Honduras! We found this pretty tree with pink flowers

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