Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 -- Week #19 - Day #127 - San Pedro Sula

June 23, 2015

10:19 pm
You know what is really yummy? If you pour in a little bit of coconut milk (the thick, creamy, white stuff, not the water, which is also delicious, by the way) with your cereal in the morning. Probably adds a whole lot of fat and calories, but I think it's wonderful and makes you feel fuller.

Today was the birthday of Hna Fidelina (the sister that cooks lunch for us), so bought her some little earrings yesterday for a present, I think they're really pretty. Their a little half-pearl about the size of your pinky nail, with a thin gold band around them. Mostly likely artificial pearl and gold, as they were about $4, but they look really nice and Hna Fidelina was happy. So that was pretty fun.
E Wight, E Comin, Hna Fidelina, E Martinez, E Lyon

Us and Hna Fidelina!

Cobie!  He's the chowchow of Hna Fidelina -- super chill!
E Martinez loves to play fight with him while we're waiting for lunch.
Also went and translated for Hna Robles for the newbie's health training, that was fun. These past 2 groups are a lot more awake and active than mine, it makes me smile to remember how wiped I was... these guys are still tired, but a more involved in the presentations and seemed like a good group of missionaries. 5 latino elders and 2 gringa hermanas came. One of the new sisters will be in our district, actually, so I'm excited to find out which one will come.
Our Zone!

Us with Elder Wing, one of our Zone leaders
There's also this drink that Hna Fidelina gave us with our lunch today, apparently it's from some kind of seed, but it tastes like strawberries and it's really, really good.  I gotta ask her about it next time...

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