Thursday, June 25, 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015 -- Week #17 - Day #119 - San Pedro Sula

June 15, 2015

10:13 pm
We finally went to Guamalito!  Whoohoo!  We've been planning on going the entire time I've been here, but every Pday something happens so we can't go. But we finally went today and it was awesome! I wanted to buy everything.  It's a big marketplace that has every kind of antiquey touristy thing under the sun, and usually the missionaries that are going home go there on their last day after interviews to buy stuff to take home. But since it's really close to our area, we can go "whenever" we want, ie., on a Pday.  It was so neat to wander around and look at all the neat stuff, there were blankets and pots and masks and carvings and shirts and dresses and sandals and bowls and intricate beaded necklaces and machetes and knives and boxes and nativities and all sorts of neat little trinkety things. I got a little wood bowl to hold my watch and earrings and tag at night, and a teal Honduras shirt with geckos and dolphins, pretty sweet. Hna Robles bought a wallet with beautifully embroidered flowers. It was very similar to the Central Market we went to in Guatemala, and Hna Archila (who's from Guatemala... she's a Guatemalteca or Chapina, people-things from Honduras are Catracho-a, and I'm Gringa!) confirmed that a lot of the stuff was indeed based off Guatemalan cultural things. But it's super cool, nonetheless. We also bought out stuff from a lady who's a member, so we got a very nice discount, almost half of normal price, so that was pretty awesome.

My new earrings!
They're stainless steel like my watch and ring...
I'm Hna Acero! :)
And then we got lunch at McDonald's and went off and wrote our families (half of mine is camping right now [Young Men High Adventure & Boy Scout Camp]) and bought some food and got ready for lessons.

Hna Robles calls me "la Bella Dormiente", or Sleeping Beauty, which I think is a fitting epithet, especially in the mornings!

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