Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 -- Week #17 - Day #114 - San Pedro Sula

June 10, 2015

9:54 pm
It's almost just as common to find people driving backwards it is to drive forwards. Fun little info tidbit. Usually because they're backing into traffic, getting out of a one-way street, etc. Technically speaking, we have some really good drivers here, good spatial and directional thinking.

And Karina moved to Puerto, so we can't visit her anymore. That was kinda sad. We didn't know when she was thinking of taking off, and we called to schedule a visit with her, and she said she had already moved that weekend.

Another street, it rained recently
and so there's stuff all over the ground
and it's very wet and humid.
And we had hospitaling, officing, and more hospitaling, then visits, and it rained super, super hard and we pretty much got soaked. Also got some lovely floodwaters, so those are fun to slosh around in. Overall a very interesting day.
I made a doodle of a tree branch and made a thumbnail of one of the artworks on the wall of one of the numerous doctor's offices we were in the other day... didn't have any paper, so I borrowed a flyer in Spanish about some medicine that helps lactose intolerant people. Neat, huh?

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