Friday, June 12, 2015

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 -- Week #16 - Day #107 - San Pedro Sula

June 3, 2015

10:15 pm
It's the third day in the month of June, wow.  Hey, Lyndsey's birthday is on Sunday! Yay!

Today was good, we found a snow cone place while we were walking around, got ourselves some snow cones of exceedingly bright colors: Hna Robles of electric blue (bubblegum) and radiant orange (peach), mine of neon green (lime) and fluorescent pink (strawberry), so don't be surprised if we die from cancer from all the colors of the rainbow that by right should not exist. But they were delicious, had sweetened condensed milk on top. Sorry I don't have a picture, as we were in the street and there were lots of people around, and as we all know very well, we don't have our cameras out and about in public.  So just try to imagine our fabulous snow cones and how much we enjoyed them.

Also, I forgot the proper greeting when I called the taxi to pick us up this morning (had an appointment in the hospital) and so the poor guy on the other end answered to a very confused me saying "Halo, buenaaaaas.......manana? Oh, buenos dias, es cierto!"  So that made Hna Robles laugh, it was a fun start to the morning. Got confused because "manana" is morning or tomorrow, depending on context, and "dias" is day, but you use "buenas dias" like "good morning" and so I was a little confused and blanked for a minute because my brain was still waking up. Spanish is a little trickier in the early morning, Hna Robles is always laughing and correcting me, by about 10:00 am or 11:00 am or so I'm back to normal. But today we both were way more tired than usual, we took a 5 min nap during study time this morning (don't tell Pres!) and rested a little bit after we finished eating lunch. But in the afternoon we felt better, so that was good. Walked around a lot.

Found some cool quotes today:
"La vida no se trata de esperar a que pasa la trata de aprender a bailar bajo la lluvia."

"La fe es el poder. La obediencia es el precio. El amor es el motivo. El Espiritu es la clave. Cristo es la razon." -President Gordon B. Hinckley

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