Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015 -- Week #19 - Day #129 - San Pedro Sula

June 25, 2015

9:50 pm
Rained again today, also got pretty wet. Upcoming sister missionaries: bring some well-fitting sandals or Zstraps or something like that for when it rains:  ballet flats are perfect for dry weather, especially if they have little holes punched through as decoration, but they're really slippery and kinda dangerous when wet and splashing around in the floodwaters. Just a quick tip.

Pretty much all our visits fell through, mostly due to the rain. Nobody in the streets, and nobody answered their doors. So that made for an interesting day.

Before Coordinacion Misional started at the church in the evening, we noticed that somehow the font was still full from a previous baptism, so we hiked up our skirts, waded in, and opened the drain.  It was easier for me because my legs are longer than most people's here, so I actually didn't get very wet, and dried off in about 20 seconds with the fan blowing on us.  It was funny, when E Lyon came with his new companion, E Colindres (E Comin was tranferred to Campana, we'll miss our awesome little Canadian), he couldn't figure out how we had managed to open the drain without getting completely soaked... perks of being a girl, we have bare legs from the knees down and sockless shoes!

Also bid goodbye to Hna Guzman and Angie (the one that just got back from serving in Brasil) as they're leaving tomorrow morning to go to Panama. Eventually the whole family will move within the next few months when the younger kids finish school here, but we're gonna miss the Guzman family! They're awesome, and are always giving us bags of the juice that they make and sell (which is very yummy, by the way). But the dad and younger kids are staying here, so we'll keep visiting with them from time to time until they all take off.

Lastly, we had Weekly Planning in the church in the area La Ideal like we do on the Thursday right after changes (normally we plan at home) to introduce everyone and get to know our new zone. And Hna Barrie (one of the newbie sisters) is in our district with Hna Mejia as her trainer! That's gonna be fun. I totally remember how it was my 3rd day, the first week or so is a little rough. But she seems like a good little trooper, so I'm excited for her.

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