Saturday, June 27, 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015 -- Week #18 - Day #122 - San Pedro Sula

June 18, 2015

10:26 pm
I love planning for divisions... you get to plan 2 complete days worth of visits! Whoohoo! Hna Robles has 2 hospital visits tomorrow, so I'll stay in the area and walk around trying to find people, should be fun. We have a grid system here, which everyone says is a blessing, but I can never figure out where I am.  I know where I am in relation to the house or the last visit or the church or Avenida Junior or whatever, but I always lose track of what number calle and avenida I'm currently in or the exact address of where we're going next.  So that's really fun. When it's my turn to lead our companionship around during the day, I sometimes lose us, but we get there eventually. Been here for 3 months and I still don't get this layout. Silly grids. There's also no street signs with the street numbers, so that really helps the situation as well. Wish me luck tomorrow!

Look at the awesome clouds!
This the street corner we were on,
it's quite sunny!
 But today was good, got sprinkled on this afternoon, and then it rained for a little bit right as we got home. It feels way hotter than it actually is because of the humidity.  And it's very humid here. Makes all your little baby hairs fuzz up and fly around in the wind, I'm really good at rocking that hairstyle.

Had Planeamiento Semanal and Coordinacion Misional since it's Thursday, those are always a fun adventure. Hna Robles also got a new nurse phone, so that was exciting. Some kind of Galaxy S something or other, very shiny.  Problem is that the "chip" or SIM card got wiped of all the contacts, so we gotta figure out how to retrieve over 200 numbers of missionaries and medical personnel, gonna be fun!

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