Friday, June 12, 2015

Thursday, June 4, 2015 -- Week #16 - Day #108 - San Pedro Sula

June 4, 2015

10:21 pm
Today was good, taught some lessons, talked to some people, did some good work. Highlights of the morning were corn flakes and maple syrup for bfast (was feeling like consuming exorbitant amounts of sugar) and Weekly Planning, the which is held every Thursday and we plan goals and people to focus on for the next week, fun stuff.

In other news, we are again eating from Hna Fidelina, but we can't eat at the house with the elders because of the rule, so we get to bring our lunch home in fancy foam to go boxes and eat at our table and watch church videos, actually pretty neat. She charges 35 lemps each meal, so around $1.50 or something, I think, pretty cheap, considering. 

And, sad news, my black pen died today! But I bought a pack of new pens the other week, so we're all good. But I liked my old pen a lot, I used the same kind all throughout high school and into college, the 4 pack Acroball fine-tip ballpoint, white body with orange, purple, green and blue colored grips and plastic parts near the clicky part. Really, intelligent-sounding, I know. But, they were good little pens, and served me well all these years.

And we had the coolest sky ever this evening, after the sun set the sky turned this super deep turquoise and cobalt blue, with the rippled clouds reflecting a gray blue, so it looked like we were under the ocean with the crashing waves frozen in time above us. Made me feel really calm and like I was swimming again... that was really neat.

And it was David's birthday today, he turned 8 years old.  And he's getting baptized on Saturday!  He's still determined to have E Comin baptize him, so hopefully we can get everything planned and coordinated in a day and a half.  Yay for impromptuness!

In other random news, Hna Robles wants a pastry with pineapple filling, and I want tomato soup. Go figure.

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