Friday, June 12, 2015

Saturday, June 6, 2015 -- Week #16 - Day #110 - San Pedro Sula

June 6, 2015

10:15 pm
Today I ran into a tree branch and I think it knocked off my earring, so I'll have to buy some new ones on Pday, whoops.  I was checking our agenda for who we were going to visit next and we walked by these overgrown bush-tree things, and my face met wood. That was surprising!  But I'm ok, just lost my pearl earring. Sad day.
We're visiting a family that has a 2 month-old male puppy, and another that has a 3 month-old female puppy, and both like to climb around and chew on my backpack and shoes, so that's interesting.  They're the cutest little things, still kinda walk around funny with their little tails wiggling, but each time we visit they seem to be a little bit bigger. Crazy how fast they grow. So hopefully I'll be around a little longer and can watch them get bigger!  They're named Bruno and Burbuja (Bubble) respectively.

With the rapiditos [taxi] here, they follow routes throughout the city, and usually we use Ruta 4 to get to Central and the stores and stuff, but for normal everyday use, we are regular users of the Ruta 11... our legs!  One of the favorite sayings in the mission, and one we tell ourselves all the time as we're walking around.

Funny experience of the week:  we were teaching these 3 kiddos (they're getting baptized next Saturday!) and talking about how much God loves them and knows them personally, and I reached over and smacked a mosquito on Hna Robles's leg, without warning. Everyone busted up laughing, as the whole scene was quite funny.  Hna Robles: "What part did you like the most about what you just read?" Guisell: "Well, I liked the part the God loves me a lot."  Hna Robles: "Yes, Guisell, that is really important. God is our loving Father in Heaven, and He wants us to be happy, so He-"  --SMACK--  Me: "...helps us get rid of mosquitoes."  Gotta love teaching outside in Honduras.

And on a more spiritual note, I'm helping Hna Robles translate "Stronger" by the Nashville Tribute Band, and we were going over phrases and stuff, and we started talking about "to face" something, and I explained that it's used to say "to face your fears", "to meet them head-on", and that got me thinking that that is such a neat little set of words: To face something, head-on.  As in, you choose to turn and stand in front of something, with all your focus and might, with the intention on staying in your place no matter what the other thing does. Actually pretty neat, if you think about it, Hna Robles really liked the concept.

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